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Deliver Us from Eva Opens Feb. 7th

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Be careful what you ask for, the saying goes.
In the contemporary romantic comedy Deliver Us from Eva, a trio of men plot to free themselves of their mates’ unattached and seemingly omnipresent sister Eva (Gabrielle Union).

Eva has a sweet face but a steely disposition: a few choice words from her, and a once-confident man becomes a virtual basket case.

When their parents died, the Dandridge sisters were raised by the oldest of their quartet, Eva. To manage this, Eva deferred her own dreams, putting family first and only.

As a result, the sisters have a close emotional bond that closes ranks around the men in their lives; and Eva herself has yet to find true happiness. Eva’s uncanny ability to interfere in her sisters’ affairs has not endeared her to their spouses and partners.

The men would also like to close out and divide up the family trust fund that Eva oversees. So they concoct a simple plan: compensate cash-strapped ladies’ man Ray Adams (LL Cool J) to romance and distract Eva.

Introductions are made, sparks fly between Ray and Eva…and the plan goes awry, leading to surprising consequences and unexpected complications.

Deliver Us from Eva reunites writer/director Gary Hardwick with leading lady Gabrielle Union, following their successful collaboration on “The Brothers”; and pairs LL Cool J, in romantic leading man mode, with Gabrielle Union for the first time.

A USA Films presentation of a Baltimore/Spring Creek Pictures production. A Gary Hardwick Film. LL Cool J, Gabrielle Union. Deliver Us from Eva. Duane Martin, Essence Atkins, Robinne Lee, Meagan Good, Mel Jackson, Dartanyan Edmonds.

Music by Marcus Miller. Costume Designer, Debrae Little. Film Editor, Earl Watson, A.C.E. Production Designer, Edward T. McAvoy. Director of Photography, Alexander Gruszynski. Executive Producers, Paula Weinstein, Barry Levinson.

Produced by Len Amato, Paddy Cullen. Story by James Iver Mattson & B.E. Brauner. Screenplay by James Iver Mattson & B.E. Brauner and Gary Hardwick. Directed by Gary Hardwick.

DELIVER US FROM EVA rated R, has a running time of 105 minutes and opens in theaters on February 7, 2003

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