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Anti-Terrorist Postal Stamp Proposed To Honor U.S. Postal Workers

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Los Angeles

Entrepreneur, Ron L. Jones is seeking 5,000 letters from the public to support efforts of creating anti-terrorist postal stamps designed to honor the US Postal Workers.

In Honor of the United States Postal Workers, Ron L. Jones, Chairman and CEO of Song Pro, Inc., will hold a letter drive to encourage the United States Postal Service (USPS) to approve and adopt a new postage stamp designed to honor postal employees whose lives, as a result of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, have been placed at risk. Jones secured signatures, recently in Los Angeles.
Upon attending a White House outreach program for African American small business owners and technologists, Jones met with a group of high-level post office public relations personnel and discussed the negative impact that the anthrax scare has had on postal workers and the postal service. Jones says, “Postal workers are in fear of their lives and are suffering lay-offs, and the public is in fear of being exposed to the anthrax chemicals when receiving mail.”
According to Jones, it is against post office policy to solicit on behalf of its workers and there has been very little done to support the postal workers and their families during this tragic time. He decided to create a postal stamp design and submit it for approval to the Postal Advisory Board in hopes of making it an official U.S. Postage Stamp. The proceeds generated by sales of the new stamp will be donated to a fund that supports postal workers and their families during their time of pain and suffering while undergoing the anthrax attacks. In addition, the anti-terrorist stamp campaign will also honor postal workers worldwide.
To fulfill the basic requirements necessary to gain consideration from the postal advisory committee to get a new stamp design approved, a private individual or a group must initiate the stamp design and gather at least five thousand (5,000) signed letters from the general public.
As a part of his “Peace in the Streets” campaign, Jones, creator and developer of the SongPro MP3/WMA player for the Nintendo Gameboy Color and Gameboy portable gaming systems, has also designed a concept to create a virtual stamp collection on cartridge for the Gameboy Video Game Systems.

The anti-terrorist stamp design was inspired by a culmination of Ron Jones’ peace activities that he personally sponsored over the past seven (7) years and President Bush’s national speech addressing the events of 9-11.
The stamp design is a product of an enkindled traditional peace sign that embraces a vibrant diversity of colors representing all races and cultures of the world.
Jones urges adults and children to participate in the letter drive and send signed letters to show support for this effort on behalf of the postal workers and their families.
The letters should read, “We support the anti-terrorist stamp to be created in tribute of the postal workers and their families,” Emailed letters are also being collected at postalstamp@hotmail.com. The letters will be collected and submitted to the postal stamp advisory committee.
“By submitting these letters we will be able to actively show our support to the postal workers who are on the front lines of this new war and, yet have not received very much attention from the media, said Jones. “It is time for Americans to recognize the important role postal workers play in our daily lives. They continue to deliver the mail despite the threat of bio-terrorism,” he added.
Plans to promote the stamp effort include building an official anti-terrorist stamp website honoring US Postal Workers and to further the letter drive efforts.
Letters of support should be mailed to: Citizen’s Stamp Advisory Committee, U.S. Postal Service, Stamp Development, Attn: Stamp Design, 475 L’Enfant Plaza SW, Room 5670, Washington, DC 20260-2437.
Song Pro is a mail order company that specializes in producing MP3/WMA players for the Nintendo Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance Portable Gaming Systems.

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