Ebola Drug Safety Tests Raise Ethical Issues

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The Justice Department After Holder

The Justice Department After Holder

(NNPA) Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. hasn’t left the Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building yet, but ci... Read more

Julianne Malveaux

Countering Voter Suppression Moves

Countering Voter Suppression Moves

(NNPA) The Supreme Court recently blocked an appeals court ruling that would have restored seven days of voting in Ohio.... Read more

U.S. Inadvertently Helping Assad

U.S. Inadvertently Helping Assad

(NNPA) I ‘get’ that ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) are a criminal, fascist outfit.  I also ‘get’ that they ... Read more

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Revamped Covered California Campaign Seeks Greater Minority Enrollment

In the six months following the end of the first Affordable Care Act enrollment period, officials with the Covered California insurance exchange analy... Read more

Donna Brazile Announces Democrats for Public Education

Addresses 3,500 members of the American Federation of TeachersLOS ANGELES — Addressing more than 3,500 members of the American Federation of Teachers ... Read more

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Obama's Immigration Policies are Biased Against Immigrants from Africa

Obama's Immigration Policies, if Adopted, Would Prejudice U.S. Immigration Policy Against Immigrants from AfricaObama's Threatened Executive Actions Would Legalize Millions from Central America and Mexico... Read more

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Feelings & Pre-Birth Emotions

Feelings & Pre-Birth Emotions

European definitions, concepts, and usage completely confuse the subject of Feelings and Emotions--most considering them synonymous. In its literature, the C13 word "Feeling" originally meant... Read more


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