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George Lopez Rocks the House

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By Gabriela Cazares

George Lopez played to a sold out show last Thursday at San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino. A sea of smiles eagerly made its way into the crowd as they were greeted with clips from, "The George Lopez Show". Amongst some of the comments uttered by the crowd were, "I have been looking forward to this for weeks!" and "I cannot wait to see George perform.".As the opening hour drew near the crowd grew anxious. An opening performer, Bryan Kellen, was brought out to warm up the eager crowd. With the energy of someone a third of his age, he eagerly entertained the crowd with his Latina/o inspired humor that at times played to heavily on stereotypes and generalizations.

The crowd's laughter and chuckles were as sporadic as Mr. Kellen's ability to entertain. There were many moments of restlessness echoing throughout the room as his too often crude humor left the audience impatient for George. Thankfully after twenty minutes Mr. Kellen stepped off stage and the moment the crowd had been awaiting for arrived.

As George Lopez made his way on stage, the massive speakers flooded the room with the song "Low Rider" by War the audience quickly gave George a welcoming standing ovation. With such landmark phrases such as, "Member, U member?" and "I know, huh?" George comically touched upon his upbringing as a Latino in the U.S. contrasting his experiences with today's youth; from the simple act of breaking up a fight in the barrio versus that of upper class, Euro-centric upbringing. "We [Latinos] grew up differently," he said, "if there was ever a fight between the kids, it was always discipline first and ask questions later."

As he mimicked the breaking up of a fight he playfully removed his belt racing to and fro swatting his belt until finally prying the would be fighters away from each other. Out of breath, he uttered, "What happened?" "You would never see us patiently and calmly breaking up the fight and asking each child of the circumstances that lead to the fight." He said, "No, we [Latinos] are different." The crowd responded with massive waves of laughter. As he closed George touched upon the current legislation that seeks to secure the U.S./Mexico border via the construction of a 20 foot wall. George asked, "A 20 foot wall?!! Who do you think they are going to get to build it?!!!!" Who indeed?

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