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At 88, Hugh Jackson, Sr. Is Still Making Things Happen

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Hugh Jackson, Sr. , former Urban League President, who served in many areas of the country, celebrated his 88th birthday at Heritage Gardens in Loma Linda. Mr. Jackson, even though wheelchair bound in a convalescent hospital, is not bound by his circumstance.

At 88 years old, he is still a man of action, making things happen and getting the job done. To celebrate his birthday, Mr. Jackson had a desire to give Heritage Gardens another Hoyer Lift to decrease the waiting time for residents to be lifted from their beds to their wheelchairs, etc. To make this happen, he shared this desire with his daughter, Burrietta White, and a raffle was held to gather money to purchase the lift in her father’s honor.

Mr. Jackson gained recognition from many walks of life, throughout this country, as he dedicated his life to helping others. “As long as God gives me breath, I will do His will to help others; my calling in life was to help others.”

Surrounded by many family members and friends, Mr. Jackson had his party across the hall from his bedroom in a decorated room that housed the Hoyer Lift which displayed a plaque that read, “May you be lifted.” Mr. Jackson received a phone call from Judge Fred Master, Oakland County, Michigan who praised him for all of his hard work in the civil and political arena and was quoted as saying, “You deserve a quadruple amount of candles for all you’ve done for so many.”

Whitney Young was a great influence in the life of Mr. Jackson. He also shared with the audience that the late Dr. Martin Luther King slept in his bed in St. Louis, Missouri as he provided him rest from his labor. His reaction to the greatest changes in his 88 years: “I predicted that I would live to see the first Black president and it came much sooner than I thought it would.”

In attendance was Mr. Jackson’s pastor, Rev. Dr. Raymond Turner, Senior Pastor of Temple Missionary Baptist Church in San Bernardino, CA, Pastor Draymond Crawford (who himself celebrated his 80th birthday the previous evening) and Deacon Earl Out law of Loveland Church who all collaborated to bestow upon Mr. Jackson his greatest gift, his dream come true. After some ministerial dialogue between Rev. Turner and Mr. Jackson, Rev. Turner presented him with his License to preach the gospel, which he has done even from his hospital bed. “I believe I have been called to preach. At 88, my goal is to see 100 and to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Rev. Hugh Jackson, Sr. left us with memories from his celebration and a reminder that no matter your age, no matter your circumstance, dreams can still come true and you can be all that God intended you to be.

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