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Remembering Valena Randolph

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Valena Randolph was a professor at Central State and Wilberforce University, she was also the Education Specialist for the Afro American Museum in Wilberforce.

Each year she would take time out of her busy schedule and be a docent for Footsteps To Freedom, along the Underground Railroad in her area. She would dig out little known facts to share with educators and she was also a leader in memorializing Martin Delany, through her efforts the government issued, washed out, sandstone marker with his name misspelled had a beautiful black granite memorial, with his picture and information about this great man place behind it.

Valena was so proud of the Wilberforce community. Another factor about her is that she had family who lived in San Bernardino. Valena will be missed by the hundreds of people she shared with and especially the Footsteps to Freedom Field Study Tours.

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