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Eight Young Students Ready For Kindergarten

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With bright red robes and sunglasses, eight young students paraded into a classroom at Four- D College recently, ready to take on the world.

They’re now graduates. But they weren’t typical college students.

In fact, while the school they attended shares a campus with Four-D College, these eight young people are all of four and five years old. Having completed the “fours and fives” program at Tutor Tots’ Preschool, they are now ready for that next big step of kindergarten.

“I’m going to miss them,” said Susan Cornejo, the lead teacher for the Tutor Tots’ “fours and five’s” class.

The young graduates are Ikarah Reeves, Memmory Knox, Amilia Perrenoud, David Ellison, Zachary Gilstrap, Jacob Young, Edward “Tre” King and Kaitlyn Hopkins.

It’s exciting for the children, who already have dreams of someday becoming doctors, police officers, teachers and rock stars. But first, they’re looking forward to kindergarten, which, as they see it, will offer them a bigger place to play and more opportunities to meet new friends.

Tutor Tots is the childcare program Four-D College offers students and staff at its Colton campus.

It is run by a separate nonprofit organization, Friends of Four-D College. Tutor Tots is also open to other preschool-age students in the Colton area.

Four-D College offers programs in vocational nursing, medical assistant, massage therapy, dental assistant, pharmacy technician, plus medical billing and coding.

New courses begin monthly, and are available mornings, afternoons and evening. For additional information call the school at (909)-783-9331; in the High Desert phone (760) 962-1325.

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