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Shorett Endorsed by Congressman Lewis

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Congressman Jerry Lewis recently announced his full endorsement of San Bernardino City Council Member Fred Shorett. Lewis, who represents the 41st Congressional District, said, “I strongly endorse Fred Shorett for re-election as 4th Ward City Council Member.

Fred is a positive voice for public safety in the City of San Bernardino.”

Lewis, who, like Shorett, grew-up in San Bernardino, went on to say that he,“urged” Fourth Ward voters to turn-out on election day and cast their vote for Fred.

“It is a great honor to have the endorsement from someone of the stature of Congressman Lewis. I have known the Congressman for many years and consider him a home-town hero.”, Shorett said in response to the endorsement.

Shorett, who was elected in March of 2009 with 72.77% of the vote, said he will be releasing a full list of personal endorsements next week.

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