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City of Riverside Public Utilities Workers Save Christmas

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Thanks to City Public Utilities workers foster children at Olive Crest Foster Facility had a miraculous Christmas.

They all, all 26, had 3 wishes in our “Be the Miracle” campaign, and every wish was fulfilled. “This was truly a blessing.” said Maria Villarreal, Community Involvement Manager of Olive Crest. If not for the generosity of those who sponsored or donated, the Olive Crest children would have had a dismal Christmas at best.

“It was very short notice but an idea that has potential; hopefully next year will be much better.” said Public Utility Water Officials.

With economic decline comes hardship and tough times for us all. This is an example of public servants voluntarily serving the communities less fortunate; a selfless gesture that brought joy to 26 children, along with the entire Olive Crest Foster Facility Staff. Great job guys!

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