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RPU Begins 2010 With Free Cost-Cutting Business Programs

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Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) is beginning the new year with two free cost-saving, energy-efficient programs for qualified Riverside business customers: the Programmable Thermostat Direct Installation Program and the VendingMiser® Direct Installation Program.

The programmable thermostats provide businesses a way to cut facility heating and cooling costs by programming different settings for weekdays and weekends; setting multiple daily settings; and customizing heating and cooling only for the hours needed. RPU will arrange for the installation of more than 2,000 thermostats, which saves about 4.7 million kilowatt-hours or approximately $610,000 annually.

Vending machines and glass door coolers have long been a source of energy waste.

VendingMiser® and CoolerMiser® system sensors monitor the ambient temperature and foot traffic in the immediate area and adjusts power inside to keep the product cool without wasting energy. Even the advertising lights on vending machines will be lowered when customers are not nearby.

Businesses will see an immediate 46 percent drop in energy used by vending machines or coolers. The annual estimated savings to customers and RPU is about 3.2 million kwh or a savings of $450,000.

RPU will install both the thermostats and the vending machine units without cost to the customer.

“We realize many of our business customers could use some cost-saving measures for 2010,” said RPU General Manager David Wright. “By directly installing these units, not only do our customers save money, but the city becomes more energy-efficient and greener.”

RPU business customers can call 951.826.5485 for more information about this and other RPU energy-saving programs.

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