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Heart Healthy: Heart & Soul Line Dance Program

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Years before Harriette Stuckey returned to college to earn a Masters degree in Public Health (MPH), she already was working as a health educator in industrial and community services, focused on raising the awareness of health and fitness levels. Then, as she pursued her graduate- level studies, she learned that Americans of African ancestry died eight (8) or more years younger than Americans of European ancestry.

It is a known fact that within the African American community we die more from heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer than other ethnicities. These factors can be drastically reduced by not smoking, changing our diet, and by exercising regularly.

Harriette Stuckey is a thinker as well as a doer. She has traveled extensively and seen dancing as a pleasurable behavior almost electric slide, there was square dancing. Blends, like Heart & Soul Line Dancing emerged and spread providing social- engagement while burning calories during low-impact exercises thus putting health education theories into practice within a range of seniors at community and recreation locations around the Inland Empire.

At the recent 8th Annual Mardi Gras Celebration held at the Palomares Community Center approximately 250 revelers attending from as far away as Las Vegas and the Bay Area took advantage of the opportunity to learn moves developed by health clubs springing up while learning that they can remain active and healthy by dancing.

For information about heart-healthy (quality of long life) exercise programs such as heart, body & soul line- dance programs, contact soullinedance@earthlink.net or 951.640.7888.

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