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SoCal Churches Join In Haitian Relief Effort

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By Ashley A. Jones –

In an effort to reach out and provide assistance to Haiti earthquake victims, Dr. Reginald L. Woods and staff of Life Changing Ministries in San Bernardino visited Haiti from February 17-26, 2010 to offer humanitarian aid. Other So Cal churches to join their effort by donating funds were Dr. John Woods, Jr., Pastor, Praise Christian Center of Montclair, Ca and Pastor Larry Weaver, Atherton Baptist Church in Hawthorne, Ca.

On January 12, 2010, over 2.3 million Haitians were affected by a massive 7.0 magnitude earthquake resulting in the destruction of the impoverished nation. The 35-second earthquake injured thousands of individuals and contributed to a death toll surpassing 100,000.

Haiti’s estimated population is 9,035,536. Of this figure, 95% of the population is Black and the remaining 5% are White and mulatto.

Senior Pastor Dr. Woods and staff members Minister/Evangelist Juanita Jackson and Deaconess Saundra Birdsong arrived in Santiago, Dominican Republic on February 17, 2010 where they were met by their host and transported to Cap Haitian, Haiti. Cap Haitian is north of Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince. According to Dr. Woods, the primary purpose of the visit was to provide assistance and support to the Haitians, as well as to encourage them by letting them know more help would be on the way.

“Haiti was already in great need prior to the earthquake. The infrastructure, the government, the roads, everything about it screamed out poverty and distress. It was definitely going to take international help because they were not in a position to help themselves,” said Dr. Woods.

The group met with local Cap Haitian Pastor Ecclesias Donation of the Tabernacle of Praise, who led the group to the earthquake site and other surrounding cities within the country. The group had the opportunity to meet with the Haitians and assess their needs.

“The Haitian people were warm but some were reserved. They definitely appreciated our care and concern,” said Dr. Woods.

“The biggest thing they need is prayer. They need God’s intervention. And second of all, they need a government leadership that will be accountable. They’ve had corrupt leadership for so long. The U.S.A has given Haiti over a billion dollars of support but the nation doesn’t show it, that’s the problem. Where is all the money going? Well the money has been going to the pockets of the politicians,” said Dr. Woods.

According to Dr. Woods, the nation is greatly in need of global support. Specifically, the Haitians need monetary and technological support. “They need to develop an infrastructure that would meet modern society standards. Other nations have had powerful earthquakes but have not been as devastated because they have a better infrastructure,” said Dr. Woods.

“The greatest thing I received from the visit was the opportunity to bond my heart with the people of Haiti. Also, I’ve come back and have found myself serving as an ambassador, speaking about their needs and also having received several thousands of dollars from people to channel back to Haiti and I will be retuning personally as well as taking people that desire to go,” said Dr. Woods.

Since the visit to Haiti, Life Changing Ministries has had the opportunity to host Pastor Ecclesias Donation and other key stakeholders in Haiti including a young candidate running for 2010 presidency in Haiti. Additionally, Dr. Woods has visited multiple organizations to deliver an oral presentation of the visit and have submitted funds to Haiti on behalf of several organizations. Currently, LCM is assisting pastor Donation and his staff in building a well 15 miles from Cap Haitian to provide water and crops to 350 school children.

“In summary, I’d say that we all need to live to give. That is, live beyond ourselves. The Bible says it’s more blessed to give than to receive. I would encourage every Christian, every human being to look beyond their own needs and be concerned about the needs of others. Life is more fulfilling when we are a blessing to others and not focused solely on our own needs,” said Dr. Woods.

To learn more about joining LCM’s effort to support Haiti, please contact the church at (909) 882-2337. You may also contact the church if you would like to have more information about receiving an oral presentation of LCM’s visit to Haiti from Dr. Woods. The church’s website is located at lifecm.org.

Community Briefs

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Board of Supervisors to Honor 47 Outstanding County Employees

As part of National Public Service Recognition Week, the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors will publicly recognize 47 County employees at its May 11, 2010, board meeting. At this once-a-year opportunity to recognize the everyday work of public servants, one employee from each participating County department has been selected for an Award for Excellence, based on outstanding service to the county and its citizens. Aside from their regular job duties, many honorees devote their time and expertise to support community service activities throughout the county.

2010 marks the 21st year that the County has participated in this national Public Service Recognition Week event. Public employees in the United States and around the world take part in the annual celebration honoring the men and women serving America as federal, state, and local government employees. The County’s honoree selection is based on specific criteria including customer service, initiative and leadership, accomplishments, and attitude.

Following the awards presentation on Tuesday, honorees will also be recognized at a private reception in the government center rotunda, sponsored by the San Bernardino Public Employees Association.

The following County employees are being recognized as part of Public Service Recognition Week:

Beatriz Valdez, County Administrative Office

Jackie Laird, Department of Aging & Adult Services

Allen Lampman, Department of Agriculture/Weights & Measures Denay Morgan, Airports

Jeri DeWitt, Department of Architecture & Engineering Christopher Cook, Arrowhead Regional Medical Center

Richard Armstrong, Assessor Cindia Casillas, Auditor/Controller-Recorder- Treasurer-Tax Collector

Linda Santillano, Auditor/Controller-Recorder- Treasurer-Tax Collector

Peter Muller, Department of Behavioral Health

Joseph Michael, Board of Retirement

Annette Taylor, Board of Supervisors

Jeffrey Schroer, Department of Child Support Services

Elizabeth Scott-Jones, Children and Family Services

Norma Fite, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors

Michael Sadsad, Community Development & Housing

Penny Alexander-Kelley, County Counsel

John Thomas, District Attorney Clarissa Jimenez, Economic Development Agency

Soua Vang, Economic Development Department

Cheri Pedroza-Duran, Facilities Management

Leigh Overton, Fire Department

Ruth Griffin, First 5 San Bernardino

Rick Wright, Fleet Management

William Ward, Flood Control

Linda Whittle, Human Resources Department

Rosemary Esparza, Information Services

Gia Kim, Land Development

Tricia Munoz, Land Use Services

David Martinez, Library

Karen Saffle, Museum

Elizabeth Stuart, Performance, Education & Resource Centers

Cinda Grayson, Preschool Services Department

Julie Hovis, Probation Department

Sam Knudsen, Public Defender

Tammi Graham, Department of Public Health

Diana Diaz, Purchasing

Elsy Banks, Real Estate Services

Joseph N. Oliver, Regional Parks

Mary Lou Mongar, Registrar of Voters

Eileen Egland, Risk Management

John Cronin, Sheriff-Coroner-Public Administrator

Michael Murphy, Solid Waste Management

Celia McDonald, Special Districts

Juanita Williams, Transitional Assistance Department

Sally Gibson, Veterans Affairs

Mike Holtz, Workforce Development


Linda Smith Nominated For NAWBO Award

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The Inland Empire chapter of National Association for Women Business Owners (NAWBO-IE) has nominated Four-D College President, CEO and Founder Linda Smith for its legacy award.

“The Legacy Award recognizes a woman who has achieved a truly amazing goal and, because of that, is leaving behind an incredible legacy,” said Gwen Thibeaux, NAWBO-IE chapter president.

“She has held onto a vision which has turned into an entity so powerful it will impact her community for years to come.”

Smith is one of three nominees for the Legacy Award, along with Sharon Baer of Daisy and Virginia Blumenthal of Blumenthal Law Offices. The National Association of Women Business Owners – Inland Empire will also award women business owners in the categories of Rising Star, Business Woman of the Year, Community Bridge Builder and Trailblazer.

The awards ceremony takes place 6 p.m. Wednesday, April 28 at the Doubletree Hotel in Ontario. Registration is $65 per person until March 31 and $75 in April, or $675 for a table of 10 at any time.

Smith has created a legacy with Four-D College, which has campuses in Colton and Victorville.

She started the college in 1992 and since then has helped more than 10,000 people acquire an education to begin careers in health care.

Four-D College offers programs for licensed vocational nurse, medical assistant, dental assistant, medical billing and coding, pharmacy technician and massage therapy.

With help from the Career Placement Services office on both campuses, almost 100 percent of Four-D College graduates find that first job in their field.

“I am honored that my colleagues in the National Association for Women Business Owners have chosen to recognize me for my work in creating Four- D College,” Smith said.

“My ultimate goal in starting Four-D College was to have a place where I could encourage people to be their best. There may be challenges and setbacks, but if they are steadfast, they will be successful.”

The National Association of Women Business Owners represents the interests of America’s women business owners, propelling them into greater economic, social and political influence worldwide. Women-owned businesses are the fastest-growing segment of the economy, which NAWBO estimates at 10 million.

The Inland Empire chapter is one of 80 across the United States. It estimates there are nearly 100,000 women-owned businesses in San Bernardino and Riverside counties, generating about $32 billion annually in sales.

NAWBO - Inland Empire’s strives to increase growth and profitability of women-owned businesses, influence business and economic issues at the local, state and national levels of government, build women business owners’ relational networks, provide information and education about women-owned businesses and encourage more women to start their own businesses.

Four-D College provides education in the growing health care field at locations in Colton and Victorville. Four-D College offers programs in vocational nursing, medical assistant, medical billing and coding, dental assistant, massage therapy and pharmacy technician.

New courses begin monthly at Four-D College and courses are available in the morning, afternoon and evening to meet the needs of working students.

For more information our a tour, call (909) 783-9331 or in the High Desert call (760) 962-1325;, or go to www.4DCollege.com.

Sassy Sistahs Chapter of The Red Hat Ladies Outreach with Love

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The Sassy Sistah Chapter of the "Red Hat Society" are spiritually beautiful women who wear fabulous "Red Hats" and purple attire and have a Queen Mother named Mary Robinson, a Vice Queen named Lucy Jones, and twenty-one members. Our goal is to enjoy life while helping others along the way.

The Sassy Sistahs Chapter has a prison outreach ministry that provides clothing to recently released female prisoners to help them appear for job interviews properly dressed for the position.

Among the many other charitable projects the Sassy Sistahs are involved in are: design of Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Christmas cards with unique for patients in convalescent homes; giving Christmas baskets, bags, and gifts to less fortunate families of the Inland Empire; serve as hostesses to community plays and theatrical productions; to name a few. The Sassy Sistahs were participants in a major parade in the city of Brea, and also are a part of many other civic and community junctions.

For information regarding the Sassy Sistahs upcoming events and/or membership interest email: aluv331@msn.com.

Jerome E. Horton Honored at Summit on Problem Gambling

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Jerome E. Horton, Vice Chairperson of the California State Board of Equalization (BOE) recently was recognized at the first annual California Problem Gambling Training Summit for his outstanding leadership as a policy maker and continuous support in mitigating problem gambling throughout the State.

The California Office of Problem Gambling (OPG), a division of the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs, presented Horton with an award entitled “Achieving Success One Step at a Time,” at an awards luncheon co-hosted by the California Council on Problem Gambling and OPG on Thursday, March 11, 2010, at the Red Lion Inn in Sacramento.

“Mr. Horton was chosen to receive the first Office of Problem Gambling Legislator’s Award for his tireless commitment to public service and initiating prevention and treatment programs for problem gamblers and their families,” said OPG Deputy Director Terri Sue Canale. “We applaud him for his forward thinking and solutionsoriented, consensus building efforts.”

OPG has coordinated this training summit in conjunction with National Problem Gambling Awareness Week, a grassroots public awareness and outreach campaign to educate the general public and health care professional about the warning signs of problem gambling.

In learning of the award, Mr. Horton stated, “I am humbled and honored by the California Office of Problem Gambling’s decision to select me as the first recipient of the Achieving Success One Step at a Time award. The title of the award closely aligns with my life passion to do all that I am able to do for as many individuals as possible one day at a time.”

As Vice Chairperson of the California State Board of Equalization Mr. Horton represents more than 8.5 million constituents in the Fourth Equalization District; he also served as the 51st Assembly District Member in the California State Assembly. In 2003, Mr. Horton authored Assembly Bill 673 creating the Office of Problem and Pathological Gambling with a $3 million funding appropriation.

His accomplishments have had a “positive impact on the realities of problem gambling and have helped to minimize its negative effects on Californians statewide,” Canale said.

Canale quotes Aristotle when speaking of Horton’s significant contributions to addressing the problem of pathological gambling:

“In the arena of human life, the honors and rewards fall to those who show their good qualities in action.” For more information on the California Office of Problem Gambling (OPG), visit www.adp.ca.gov/opg Or contact OPG at 916-327- 8611 or email opg@adp.ca.gov.

The Office of Problem Gambling is responsible for developing prevention and treatment programs to reduce the prevalence of problem and pathological gambling among California residents.

For help with problem gambling call 1- 800-GAMBLER (1-800-426- 2537) or visit http://www.problemgambling.ca.gov to access the Freedom from Problem Gambling self-help workbook or view responsible gambling guidelines.

Vice Chairperson Jerome E. Horton is the 4th District Member of the BOE, representing more than 8.5 million residents in Los Angeles County. He is also the BOE Legislative Committee Chairperson. Horton is the first African American to serve on the BOE since its inception in 1879, and the third African American constitutional officer in California’s history.

Horton was appointed by the Governor and confirmed by both the Assembly and the Senate in 2009. Horton previously served as an Assembly member from 2000-2006.

The five-member California State Board of Equalization is a publicly elected tax board. The BOE collects more than $53 billion annually in taxes and fees supporting state and local government services. It hears business tax appeals, acts as the appellate body for franchise and personal income tax appeals, and serves a significant role in the assessment and administration of property taxes.

For more information on other taxes and fees in California, visit www.taxes.ca.gov.

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