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Universal Soccer League, Fontana Police Department Partner to Bring Smiles to Children

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Fontana - The Mayor and City Council would like to recognize the Universal Soccer League for serving the youth of Fontana through its “Toys for Soccer” tournament.

The Universal Soccer League is a resident youth soccer organization in the City of Fontana since 1996. The organization serves close to 1500 youth participants annually at various City of Fontana athletic fields. On December 16, 2012 the league hosted its “Toys for Soccer” tournament with the participation of 50 youth teams, ages 6-17. The event collected 25 bags of toys for boys and girls of all ages.

Toys collected were donated on behalf of the Universal Soccer League to the Fontana Police Department on Wednesday, December 19, 2012. The Police Department will distribute the toys on Christmas day to children they come in contact with while out on patrol, and to those in low-income housing areas.

Hector Vasquez, Community Services Coordinator and Olga A. Hernandez, Community Policing Technician coordinated the delivery. In this season of giving, the City commends the efforts of the Universal Soccer League and Fontana Police Department for coming together and serving the youth of the community.

For more information about the Universal Soccer League and the “Toys for Soccer” tournament, please contact Fontana Sports at (909) 349-6917.

Advisory Committee Named for UC Riverside Chancellor Search

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Jane Close Conoley from UC Santa Barbara will lead the campus while the committee works on the search

RIVERSIDE - University of California President Mark G. Yudof last week announced the appointment of an advisory committee of university faculty, staff, students, alumni and foundation representatives to help in the national search for a new chancellor to lead UC Riverside. Sherry Lansing, chair of the Board of Regents, also appointed five regents to serve.

Outgoing Chancellor Timothy P. White, an internationally-renowned biology and physiology researcher, plans to leave the University of California on Dec. 30 to become chancellor of the California State University system.

White became Riverside’s eighth chancellor in 2008 and launched an ambitious 10-year strategic plan to take the campus to new levels of nationally recognized excellence. During his tenure, the Riverside campus grew to more than 21,000 students. White also established the foundation of a UC Riverside School of Medicine, obtaining start-up resources and hiring the school’s first dean.

“Chancellor White generated tremendous momentum for UC Riverside,” said President Yudof. “It’s critical that we find the right leader to continue Riverside on its current trajectory and propel it to even greater heights of academic excellence and public service.”

Jane Close Conoley, dean of UC Santa Barbara’s Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, will serve as acting chancellor of UC Riverside until the appointment of a successor to Chancellor White.

The members of the search advisory committee for the UC Riverside chancellor include:

• UC Regents Eddie Island, Fred Ruiz, Jonathan Stein, Bruce D. Varner and Charlene Zettel

• Faculty representatives Robert Powell, chair of the UC Academic Senate and professor of chemical engineering and materials science, UC Davis; Mayfair Yang, professor of religious studies, UC Santa Barbara; Jose Wudka, professor of physics and astronomy, UC Riverside; Yolanda Moses, professor of anthropology, UC Riverside; and Neal Schiller, professor of biomedical sciences, UC Riverside

• Staff representative Robert Wolfer, information technology manager, UC Riverside

• Student representatives Liam Dow, president, Associated Students, UC Riverside (undergraduate student representative); and Aaron Jones, chairman, Student Services Fee Advisory Committee, UC Riverside (graduate student representative)

• Alumni representative Mary Schuler, president of the UC Riverside Alumni Association

• UC Riverside Foundation representative Thomas T. Haider, M.D, member of the UC Riverside Foundation board of trustees

• Ex-officio committee members UC President Mark G. Yudof, convener of the committee; and Sherry Lansing, chair of the Board of Regents

The committee’s first meeting will be held Jan. 10, 2013 at UC Riverside, where committee members and invited guests will gather in closed session. The daylong forum will include remarks by President Yudof, followed by separate sessions with various campus constituency groups. The president and committee members also will participate in a luncheon with alumni, donors and community leaders.

The advisory committee will be involved in recruiting, screening and conducting interviews with candidates for the position. The committee’s work will be scheduled so that candidates can be presented to President Yudof for consideration and a recommended nominee submitted to the Board of Regents, tentatively by July 2013.

The search will be assisted by David Bellshaw and Bernie Jones of the executive search firm Isaacson, Miller.

A Visit to McDonalds in Colton

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By John Coleman

I'm NOT a fast food person. Instead of making a 'fast break' to a Mc'Burger restaurants whenever hunger pains begin, I prefer to cook for myself and eat at home... carrots, broccoli, fish, or chicken, while I sit at a table, read a magazine, listen to classical music on the radio, and usually take more than an hour to eat. When I do go out to eat, it's to celebrate the occasion with some special person. Even I recognize that my way is NOT the new normal way.

Under the principle that real journalists call: "Truth in Reporting", I felt it necessary to share the above bit of personal information, in order to inform anyone who reads this, that I neither have or pretend to have the ability to rate any fast food restaurants, whether by franchise chain (Wendy's) vs. (Jack in the Box), or by brand (McDonalds) vs. brand (Burger King).

Already aware that many national organizations authorize some local units to participate in community benefit events, I learned that the Boys & Girls Club of San Bernardino had been given the opportunity to hold a fund-raiser, Dec 17, 2012, at the McDonalds Restaurant & Drive-in at 225 W. Valley Blvd, Colton, CA. I decided to see what that involved. I previously had met Reginald Webb, President, Webb Enterprises, which includes the Colton McDonalds.

To prepare for my trip into unfamiliar territory I asked for help from a friend who used to frequent fast-foods outlets to feed herself and family. As we arrived, she noted that the place looked new and attractive (after having gone through a recent renovation) but on a stretch of road, in a commercial area, not near residential neighborhoods. However, it is between two off ramps on the Interstate 10 (9th St. & Rancho) for easy access. The entry was electric doors, frosted glass, recessed lighting, and live plants which added to the attractive design elements. My friend noted that this was different from the usual fast-food decor. Hours before the scheduled fund-raiser and as any walk-in customers, we were greeted at the door by a smiling staff member. My friend ordered a salad and showed me how to proceed. I ordered a McRib (Someone once said: "When in Rome, do as Romans do"!).

On this chilly, rainy early afternoon, parents sat in booths while kids ran, climbed and roamed about safely, inside the glassed-in area. In a quiet alcove of the dining room, two or three parties were working with their laptops. McDonalds provides electronic connectivity.

I returned for the fund-raising partnership scheduled to run from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm. Arrivers still were greeted by a smiling McD's staff member but a Boys & Girls Club staff member (with a McD's trainer/facilitator at his or her side) staffed the counter. The flow of service to customers was maintained. A sprinkling of B&G friends went through the line as regular customers, along with everybody else.

Mr. Webb was there. Answering my questions, he took me on a tour to point out indicators involved in meeting requirements of holding a McDonalds franchise. Requirements of Federal & State regs (Americans With Disabilities Act; health and safety laws...); personnel selection and training; use of technology for space and storage, efficiency and economy; within a competitive fast-foods low-profit environment, requiring high traffic volume and attention to customer satisfaction. He describes Webb Enterprises as a family legacy-business that grows his business as it involves his family.

As I said, I'm an outsider, looking in. I don't know how Colton McD's compares with its competition. Although the McRib tasted good, If you want a comparison, YOU check it out!

School Kids Learned About Electrical Safety in Interactive Play

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Edison International Sponsored National Theater for Children’s ‘A Bug’s Light!’

With the help of Sparky the Wonder Bug and Adam the Workaholic Ant, school kids learned about electrical safety in an interactive play.

The Nat ional Theater for Children, partnered with Edison International to present “A Bug’s Light!” play at Juanita Blakely Jones Elementary School.

“This hol iday season and throughout the rest of the year, Southern California Edison wants everyone to stay safe,” said Henry Martinez, SCE’s vice president of Safety, Security & Compliance.

“These school children learned about basic electrical safety, which they can take home and share with their families.”

Through this live performance by professional actors, school kids were educated on how to play it safe around electricity, specifically how electricity is made, the uses of electricity, identifying dangerous electrical si tuations and ways to stay safe around electricity, especially around downed power lines. The interactive play taught children about safety both inside and outside the home.

Following the play, the kids received a workbook reinforcing the key safety messages.

The “A Bug’s Light!” interactive play was partially funded by an Edison International grant of $5,000. Recognizing the importance of arts education, the company incorporated arts in its grant program focusing on science, technology, engineering and math.

SCE wants to remind children and their families to stay safe this holiday season with a few helpful safety tips:

• Water and electricity don’t mix. Keep electrical cords away from moisture, particularly tree stands filled with water.

• Change bulbs only when the lights are unplugged.

• Plug no more than three strands of lights into each electrical cord or outlet.

• Never use lighted candles on or near holiday trees or decorations.

Follow SCE on Twitter (www. twitter.com/SCE) and like SCE on Facebook (www.facebook.com/SCE).

RPU Crew That Helped Restore Power to Long Island After Hurricance Sandy to Be Honored

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Riverside – In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the Nor’easter super storm that followed at the end of October, communities all along the eastern seaboard struggled to bring services back on line. In Long Island, New York, power poles and trees were toppled over adding to delays in getting safe power back to millions of customers.

In response to a request from the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) on November 2, Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) was able to send out a team of six linemen along with four vehicles full of equipment to aid in the restoration of energy utilities to the stricken community.

Quick coordination between RPU energy delivery personnel and the City of Riverside’s Emergency Operations department placed the RPU crew and their equipment on a cargo plane out of March Air Reserve Base on November 4. The Riverside team along with crews from Pasadena Water and Power, and the cities of Anaheim and Burbank were among the 10,000 restoration workers from across the country who responded to LIPA’s request.

After being deployed, RPU Electric Supervisor Rick Holmes, and Powerline Technicians Rick Austin, Ryan Eche, Frank Paz, Curtis Smith, and Robert Staples worked tirelessly for 15 days, including through an early snowstorm, to help return power services to the residents of Long Island. “Most of the work we did was overhead,” said Holmes, “as there were a lot of power poles down and trees that took out lines.”

“Once we did the temporary work to get power back to people, we focused on doing permanent repairs,” Holmes said. LIPA customers, many who went without services for 14 days or more, were very appreciative of the work, Holmes said. “They were overwhelmed that crews from California were there restoring their power, but they were happy with finally getting their services back.”

“We were proud that our crew stepped up and was able to provide some help to an area that was struggling to restore services to its customers,” said RPU Deputy General Manager for Energy Delivery Steve Badgett. “When problems like this strike such devastating blows to infrastructure, it is essential that public power utilities help each other out wherever and however they can.”

The City of Riverside will recognize the RPU crew during its afternoon session City Council Meeting on Tuesday, December 18, at 1 p.m. in the Art Pick Council Chambers, located at 3900 Main Street, Riverside.

For additional information about Riverside Public Utilities follow us on Facebook and on Twitter at #RPUNews

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