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Congressman Baca Hosts 2009 Women's Conference

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Congressman Joe Baca will be hosting a free empowerment conference for women in the Inland Empire. The conference will be held on September 18th from 9am to 12pm at the Lewis Library and Technology Center, 8437 Sierra Avenue, Fontana.

The conference theme is “Protecting Women’s Rights in a Tough Economy” and features guest speakers: Gillian Zucker, President, The Auto Club Speedway; Michelle Skijian, Director, Inland Empire Women’s Business Center; Hilda
Kennedy, Executive Director, AmPac TriState; Robin De-Ivy Allen, Founder, Necessary Nutrition; Peggy Long, Director, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union.

Congressman Baca has been a passionate advocate of women’s rights especially as it relates to equality and fairness in the workplace. He is personally responsible for getting several pieces of legislation passed regarding equal pay, equal access and professional advancement.

During this turbulent time, everyone is experiencing a large increase in unemployment.

A large number of these unemployed individuals are women, many of whom are mothers caring for underage children.

It is the hope that this conference will provide hands-on tools to assist women in understanding and coping with this current climate and to develop necessary skills to compete for current jobs. This is a great time to begin the process of “thinking outside the box” with respect to retraining, job creation and entrepreneurship.

To RSVP, contact Karen Serrano, Virginia Marquez or Beverly Thomas at (909) 885-2222 or karen.serrano@mail.house.gov.

Members of the Parliament of Ghana to visit USA

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This week, delegates from the Parliament of Ghana West African will visit Southern California. In response to a invitation from Mission Africa 2000 Inc, a nonprofit Christian organization based in USA & Ghana West Africa. Members of Parliament have agreed to come and thank Mission Africa and its partners for their joint efforts. Founder Dr. Kodjoe Sumney and the Mission Africa Team have taken over seven hundred Americans from all backgrounds to Africa for humanitarian and mission work. Mission Africa, together with other local churches, has collaborated with the Parliament of Ghana in the annual National Prayer Conference for the past six years on African Union Day.

According to the founder, Dr. Kodjoe Sumney; “The recent visit of President Barrack Obama to Ghana was very fruitful, there was much positive dialogue, and President Barrack Obama stated he wants more of Ghana. “Dr. Sumney stated “Ghana wants more African Americans and other nationalities to come to Ghana.”

On September 11, 2009, at 9:00 AM local elected San Bernardino officials and delegates of the Ghana Parliament will meet for breakfast to have dialog regarding business & humanitarian opportunities that are available in Ghana West Africa.

On September 12, 2009, at 11:30AM delegates of the Ghana Parliament (Parliamentary Christian Fellowship) will attend the annual Mission Africa Bridging the Gap Banquet and Conference Hosted by Pastor Larry Weaver at Atherton Baptist Church, 2627 West 116th St. Hawthorne, California.

On September 13, 2009, at 6PM, Pastor Chuck Singleton will host the ‘’Mission Africa Bridging the Gap Unification Thanksgiving Service’’ at Loveland Church located at 2970 Inland Empire Blvd in, Ontario, California.

An invitation is extended for this special event to all churches, general public and persons

of all walks of life, to come and join us to bridge the gap and rebuild Africa. For more information on the upcoming Bridging the Gap Banquet and Thanksgiving service, contact Mission Africa Executive committee at 951-500-2609 or 909-238-6891 or visit us on the web at missionafricainc.org. email us at missionafricaincorporated@yahoo.com

Kaiser Riverside offers Free "I Can Cope" Class For Cancer Patients

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Kaiser Permanente of Riverside is offering a series of free “I Can Cope” classes for cancer patients and caregivers, covering various aspects of cancer treatment and recovery. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions of medical professionals.

The upcoming sessions are: “Managing Side Effects of Illness and Treatment” on Friday, Sept. 11 from 9:30-11:30 a.m. at Kaiser Riverside in Medical Office Building 2, Room MC 1C-D. Speakers will be Robin Green, MSN, OCN, RNP-C, and Melanie Honeywell, RD.

“Exploring Self-Esteem and Intimacy, and Communicating Concerns and Feelings” on Friday, Sept. 18 from 9:30-11:30 a.m. at Kaiser Riverside Medical Office Building 2, Room MC 3, 3C-D-E. Speakers will be Andy Jang, MD, and Elvira Pan, LCSW.

“Mobilizing Resources and Support” on Friday, Sept. 25 from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. at Kaiser Riverside in Medical Office Building 2, Room MC 3C-D-E. Speakers will be Jerry Arnold-Bell, RN, American Cancer Society, and Kathi McIntyre.

I Can Cope is a free educational program, sponsored by Kaiser Permanente Riverside in partnership with the American Cancer Society, aimed at providing empowering information for cancer patients and their loved ones.

The classes are facilitated by medical professionals. Each class highlights a different topic relevant to the cancer experience to enhance knowledge and skills, and empower participants to cope more effectively with the challenges that living with cancer can bring.

For questions at Kaiser Riverside, contact Elvira Pan, LCSW, at (951) 353-4755. For the American Cancer Society, call (800) ACS-2345, or visit www.cancer.org anytime.

Mayor Loveridge Announces Free Movie Tickets for Riversiders

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Round up the kids and go to the UltraStar Cinemas in Riverside to see a free movie as part of a recently announced Grated Family Film Program.

Riverside Mayor Ron Loveridge has partnered with UltraStar Cinemas to provide free tickets to family friendly G-rated films which run every Saturday and Sunday throughout the Fall at 10:30 am at the UltraStar Cinemas in the University Village Center.

Riverside residents can pick up a maximum of 4 free passes, (each pass is valid for 2 admissions to a Kidtoon film, a $2.50 value per person), at the Concierge Desk in City Hall, or at any Riverside branch library. The tickets are available on a first come-first served basis and can be used anytime during the duration of the program, which debuts on Saturday, September 5 with Thomas & Friends: Hero of the Rails. Subsequent months will feature different films.

“In view of our region’s difficult economic circumstances, I am proud to partner with

UltraStar Cinemas to offer free tickets as a way for families to enjoy this fun, safe entertainment option,” said Riverside Mayor Ron Loveridge. “As the City of Arts & Innovation, and recently recognized by the national organization Kaboom as a ‘Playful City USA,’ Riverside officials are constantly searching to provide residents with opportunities for fun and affordable entertainment.”

Alan Grossberg, an executive at UltraStar Theaters explains, “While there are 40 million kids under the age of 12 nationwide, only 3% of theatrical films are G-rated. The Family Film Program will bring in G-Rated films on a monthly basis to fill the growing need for parents to provide a safe, fun entertainment option.”

Additional information about the Kidtoon Films can be found at www.ultrastarmovies.com/kid toons.asp. Riverside’s City Hall is located at 3900 Main Street, Riverside, CA, 92522, and the location of branch libraries can be viewed at www.riversideca.gov/library.

The Life of Col. Joseph Powell Remembered With Military Honors

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By Cheryl Brown –

“A giant has fallen,” said Pastor Gerald Penick, President of the So. Eastern Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. And a life was well remembered at a top military service for Col. Joseph Powell.

About 1600 people spent time honoring a man who gave to God and country through his service as a pastor and leader in the military as Chaplain.

U.S. Senate Chaplain, Barry Black preached his eulogy and Major Andrew R. Harewood, United States Army Deputy Pentagon Chaplain directed the service. It was military and it was holy. There were few seats to accommodate late comers and the program progressed on. Those making comment were those who knew him.

Not a passing knowledge of him but a deep knowledge of what made him the man that he was. The men who honored him one after another said that he was the reason for them being in the military and he was the reason they themselves had the rank. He had diverse relationships: husband, father, brother, dean, solider, chaplain, read Dr. Tina Robinson, head of Living Legends. She and Victoria

Watts read the acknowledgements from civil rights organizations, the Bermuda Conference of Seventh-Day Adventist and from close friends.

“Martin Luther King, Jr. whom he fought the battles of legal segregation over, said everybody can be great because everyone can serve. Powell’s work was great because he served,” they read. As she finished she saluted the casket and said, “Col. Powell you are dismissed.”

It was Chaplain Harewood who said as a teenager he would see Captain Powell in the inspirational stories in the books they read in Bible Study. That planted an indelible image in his mind.

Dr. Calvin Rock, (ret.) Vice President of North American Division of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, talked about Powell’s loyalty. He was loyal to his home church in Baltimore, MD, to country, to troops, colleagues, students, super loyal to his family most of all he was loyal to his Lord,” said Rock.

Chaplain Black spoke of the sadness he felt when he heard of his mentor’s death.

“Powell used to come to Oakwood College in his uniform, crisp and sharp,” he said. He said they were both from Baltimore and he felt that he came to the campus just to see him and to encourage him. It was his nurturing spirit that helped to lead Black into the ministry and the military. “He mentored me and others,” he said. Chaplain Black said that he led a life service and after he retired he was willing to go to Oakwood College to be the chaplain there. He served the purpose of God not the life of himself.

Chaplain Black recalled the story of when he asked for permission to get involved with Martin Luther King, Jr. and the desegregation movement; he was told that racial segregation will be here as long as the end of time. “He got involved and served his generation,” said Chaplain Black. Chaplain Black spoke of the ability to articulate and make his verb and subject agree, and how his ability to speak helped level the playing ground. He had the military asking “are there any more like you where you come from?”

The military was segregated when he came along.

Speaking directly to Powell’s wife Alice he said, “we would not be military chaplains without your husband, without his sustained performance. Chaplain Herman Kibble would not have been the first Black Adventist Chaplain on an Aircraft Carrier.

“Had it not been for him I wouldn’t have been an Admiral, had I not been an Admiral I wouldn’t be the U.S. Senate Chaplain. I owe it to my mentor,” said Chaplain Black.

Delbert Baker, President of Oakwood College made mention of Black’s priorities.

“I thought about the funeral of (Ted) Kennedy (going on at the same time) and that Chaplain Black was on program. But he came here,” he said. In a word Harewood told Black Voice News after the service of Black coming even with the pressing service of Kennedy: priorities! It’s what you are and who you are and he knew his priority. He made the right choice,” said Harewood.

“He did what he had to do. They could get by without him,” said Sgt. William Farmer.

Chaplain Washington Johnson, a Navy reservist and Editor of the Messenger Adventist Magazine said of Black’s decision. “He is a tremendous leader that believes in service. He inspired me to greater service that service is leading others to Christ,” said Johnson.

As the service was being planned and the military took over the planning, Lt. Col. (Ret) Bill Howe, told Black Voice News, “The music will make you want to walk right into heaven,” Howe is a member of the church and was a close friend of Powell’s.

On Monday in a solemn service Col. Joseph Powell went into his rest at Riverside National Cemetery until Jesus Christ comes again.

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