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Historic Healthcare Plan Clears Key Senate Hurdle

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By BVN Staff –

Historic legislation to expand U.S. health care and control costs won its first Republican supporter Tuesday and cleared a key Senate hurdle, a double-barreled triumph that propelled President Barack Obama’s signature issue toward votes this fall in both houses of Congress.

“When history calls, history calls,” said Maine Republican Olympia Snowe whose declaration of support ended weeks of suspense and provided the only drama of a 14-9 vote in the Senate Finance Committee.

With her decision, the 62-year-old lawmaker bucked her own leadership on the most high-profile issue of the year in Congress, and gave the drive to remake health care at least a hint of the bipartisanship that Obama seeks.

At the White House, Obama called the events “a critical milestone” toward remaking the nation’s health care system. He praised Snowe as well as Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., chairman of the committee, and declared, “We are going to get this done.”

There were fresh challenges. Within minutes of the vote, labor unions and large business organizations both demanded changes in the bill, which was an attempt at a middle-of-the-road measure fashioned by the committee under Baucus’ leadership.

Still, nearly nine months after the president pledged in his Inaugural Address to tackle health care, legislation to expand coverage to millions who lack it has now advanced further than President Bill Clinton’s ill-fated effort more than a decade ago - or any other attempt in more than a generation.

The next move in the Senate is up to Majority Leader Harry Reid, whose office said the full Senate would begin debate on the issue the week of Oct. 26.

So Cal Fair –Traditions New and Old

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New fangled gizmos and widgets. Old fashioned quilts and fluffy cotton candy.

Different images come to mind when you hear the word “fair”. Regardless of what images come to your mind, the Southern California has it all. From traditions like jams, jellies, corn dogs and tractors to more modern things like scrapbook pages, websites, Euro Bungees and the newest deep fried concoction the fair is a place the whole family will enjoy.

Maybe your family comes to the fair every year to enjoy the entertainment and fabulous shopping. Or maybe you came out as a kid with your parents or grandparents and watched the demolition derby or livestock shows. With the amazingly low cost and incredible value, the fair is a tradition your family should continue to enjoy or start enjoying now!

You won’t find a better way to stretch your entertainment dollar then the Southern California Fair. For the low price of admission – you get all the arena shows, all the family acts, all the exhibits, all the displays, all the livestock shows, all the music, all the opportunities to shop for the truly unique, all the contests and so much more. It’s a fantastic way to spend time with your family without breaking the bank.

So whether the fair is a long time family tradition or you’re new to the experience, make plans now to attend the Inland Empire’s best entertainment bargain The Southern California Fair runs October 10th through 18th.

For more information about the fair please visit the website at socalfair.com or call the fair office at 951-657-4221.

Linking with Art: Focus on Children and Creativity

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The Linking with Art show sponsored by the San Bernardino Valley Links, Inc. in collaboration with the African American Historical Society and the Inland Empire African American Chamber of Commerce was held on Saturday, October 3rd at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jalani Bakari. There were over sixty African masked made by children.

This is a new program started by Margo Thomas, Chairman of the San Bernardino Valley Links art facet. Thomas a prominent artist in the area along with co-chairman Maryion Thompson Williams’ principal of Georgia Morris Elementary School in Rialto worked with students in the San Bernardino, Rialto and Riverside school district teaching the art of mask making.

Thomas remarked, “when we saw the smiles on the faces of the children as they viewed their completed masked at the art show, we knew the time and effort put into the program was more than well worth it.”

Other artists participating at the show was BerniE, Shannaa Fannell, Charles Knox, Diana Shannon and Margo Thomas.

Making Social Changes in the Community

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The From Pistols 2 Pencils Project is holding an orientation, open enrollment and discussion with parents, students, the community and leaders on the opportunity to make social changes on anti-gang and gun violence in the city of San Bernardino on October 23, 2009 at Young Visionaries, 1616 N. “D” Street, San Bernardino beginning at 7:00 p.m.

This orientation is open to all high school students living in the San Bernardino area and is a free program.

Students that attend the orientations and enroll in this project will:

· Attend an annual youth violence prevention/intervention leaders training retreat

· Help establish a youth and parent violence prevention council

· Attend community organizing and advocacy training with Congregations Organized for

Prophet Engagement (C.O.P.E.)

· Attend creative writing workshops through The Let’s Write Out Loud Program

· Have an opportunity to assume leadership roles by making a significant contribution to the project and make money

· Development a Pistols 2 Pencils on-line newsletter, a public television talk show, create youtube’s and commercials, as well as participate in showcases, radio shows and concerts focusing on the effects of gun and gang violence in their community while offering positive alternatives Young Visionaries Youth Organizer, Monette Miles is recruiting youth alone with Young Visionaries CEO Terrance Stone and the San Bernardino Countywide Gangs and Drugs Task Force Coordinator Kimberly Epps.

“This project will empower youth through skill building and training to be local leaders.”

Terrance Stone noted, “This is an important issue that needs to be on the minds of everyone-youth, parents, politicians, you name it.”

Don’t miss this life changing opportunity for your community and for the youth that live in it!

Anyone interested in being apart of this project can contact Young Visionaries at (909) 881-3382, via the web: www.yvyla-ie.org or email the Youth Organizer, Monette Miles at mmiles@yvyla-ie.org.

14 Homeless Kids Will Be Stylin'€™ With Help From The Salvation Army

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Fourteen homeless children will soon arrive at school with brand new clothes, backpacks and classroom essentials, thanks to a donation of $1,400 from the Hispanic Alliance Group to The Salvation Army, San Bernardino Corps.

The 14 children are the current school-age (kindergarten through 12th grade) occupants of Hospitality House, the emergency family shelter maintained by The Salvation Army of San Bernardino for the area’s homeless families. Shelter Director Roosevelt Carroll and volunteers will take these children to the Target Store on Orange Show Road at E Street, 11 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 10.

At Target, each child will receive from The Salvation Army a $100 gift certificate to select new clothes, new underwear, new shoes and socks, and any other clothes they need for school. They’ll also get new backpacks, pens and pencils, markers and crayons.

“They will have all the basics,” Carroll said. “Since they are homeless, some of them never had brand new shoes or a brand new shirt. It has always been hand-me-downs from an older brother or sister.” “Here at the Salvation Army, we appreciate all donations,” he added. “This one is especially appreciated because it is aiming straight for our kids, is much needed and is a blessing.”

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