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One Fontana – One Leadership Team - Regardless of Politics

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By Acquanetta Warren
Mayor, City of Fontana

During my tenure as mayor of this great city of Fontana I have had a consistent message: “One City – One Leadership Team.” It has been this philosophy which has allowed us, as a city, to be highly successful in providing quality services to our residents, building infrastructure to meet the needs of the entire community, and engender trust so our city council can provide nonpartisan leadership in solving the cities challenges.

There is only one goal: To always move Fontana forward in a positive direction.

Non-partisan leadership is the key to this success. Putting party labels on local government officials directly defies what the founding fathers of this nation envisioned. Whether Republican or Democratic, our duty is to serve this community and assure that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is achieved by all. While I serve as mayor, this will continue to be the guarantee to all the citizens we are privileged to represent.

Building a library, interchange, road, or storm drain system is necessary, irrespective of a public official's partisan registration. Providing police and fire safety services, or a quality after school program to enhance the educational system is all about meeting needs and doing the right thing.

However, recent discussions about the implications of the recent election are misplaced when they focus strictly on partisan issues, rather than focusing on the needs of the community. Fontana is one city, with one elected leadership team, and we will continue to work together for the good of all. Pursuing policy based on partisan politics is counterproductive to the success of the community as a whole.

If you look at the other levels of government where partisan and parties dominate you see the business of the people taking a back seat to the partisan gamesmanship of both political parties. You need to look no further than the current battle between the Executive Branch and the House of Representatives to stave off the “Fiscal Cliff” which could result in an economic downturn for the entire nation. This is not what we want to happen to local governments and particularly in our city.

In Fontana, city elections the ballot doesn’t list the party affiliations of the candidates because once elected you must leave those affiliations at the door. Once elected to the city council, you only need to address one basic issue as you consider your vote. “Is This Good for Fontana?” We all have our beliefs and they pattern our ability to govern but they can’t be the driving force when we decide at the local level to serve our neighbors. I respect each person’s voice and opinion on local issues and encourage everyone to participate in the process of Fontana government. Whether Republican or Democrat, your opinions are important to me and to the other members on the City Council. Let your voice be heard because it will be listened to by all.

Right now, Fontana is fortunate to have a diverse city council representative of the community as a whole. That is truly positive.

Fontana, beware of partisan party interests from any political party organizers who want to interject party politics into this city and local government. There is no place for it here at the local level. We must not allow partisan politics to polarize the community by race, gender or party affiliations. We have far too many challenges and good work ahead of us to be distracted by such counter-productive messages.

Fontana is indeed a very diverse community with a rich history of being a family oriented community. Let's keep it that way.

Surely, we don’t desire the dysfunctional structure that governs us at the state and federal level, because we want to get things done and be responsive to the needs of our citizens. Fontanans demand action and results, not finger-pointing and political games.

Our Founding Fathers, who sat down in Philadelphia in 1787 and wrote the seventeen page document known as the Constitution of the United States of America, didn’t intend party politics to destroy the ability of our nation at the federal and state levels to dominate every decision made for our nation from our birth to our death. It should be this Constitution, our laws, and the needs of our community that drive our decisions, not special interest groups.

As long as I am mayor, Fontana will continue to be successful because we will not allow the interference of political parties to dominate our policy discussions. Rather it will be the needs and voices of our citizens that each and every member of this city council to whom we will listen.

Fontana has been and will continue to be a glowing example of what happens when party politics doesn’t get a chance to dominate. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust in me as mayor. I look forward to working with each and every one of you, regardless of whether you are a Republican, Democrat or neither. This community deserves nothing less.

The future of Fontana is exceptionally bright. By working together, there is nothing we cannot do!

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