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Recent Shooting in Redlands

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By Renea Wickman –

As a parent I cannot think of anything worse than the loss of a child or loved one, murdered. Equally, I cannot imagine my child or loved one murdering another child or any human being.

No parent wishes their child to be murdered or to be a murderer.

The indescribable pain of parents, families and friends that have lost a loved one at the hands of a youth, criminal, racist or the criminally insane can never be mended or ever made whole, the pain never goes away. There is nothing that will ever bring their loved one back, and that is the devastating reality.

Semi-automatic and automatic assault weapons, hand grenades, ammunition that penetrates bulletproof vests and weapons used by peace officers, the United States Armed Forces, including the National Guard, that are available to youth, criminals, racists and the criminally insane, will always result in senseless murders like those that very recently happened here in Redlands and Arizona.

I believe in our great Constitution and the second amendment and will protect it with my own life. However, I do not believe our forefathers intended or desired that our civilized society include youth, criminals, racists and the criminally insane the right to bear arms to the same degree of availability as reasonable civilized law abiding and productive citizens, any more than we would allow our underage youth the availability and right to purchase and drink alcohol and blind individuals the privilege of a drivers license.

Moreover, in part of his response to the Redlands shootings, our own Police Chief Bueermann cited that “racial tensions” are running high.

Yet, our fine city has a Human Relations Commission whose mission is “… promoting goodwill and better relations among all people.”

Does this commission plan to involve itself in seeking solutions?

It’s time that we faced the facts that the entire City of Redlands, its leaders, all Redlands citizens need to come together and work with our youth – all of them. We have the talent and leadership right here in our city that can tackle both the combined problems of gang violence and racism.

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