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Hey Congressional Black Caucus: It is Paychecks not Food Stamps

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(NNPA) My fear is that African Americans have resigned to poverty and blight as opposed to empowerment and economic vitality. We are acting defeated and accept the fact that we are at the bottom rung of every economic ladder and quality of life measurement. My people we don’t have to be there and it is long overdue that we demand more and take control of the situation ourselves. Time is truly wasting!

We have 42 congressional representatives and they all seem to bow to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, the Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader, respectively. That is a fatal flaw for the 40 million African Americans they supposedly represent. Harry Reid doesn’t give a damn about Black people and doesn’t try to hide that. Nancy Pelosi acts like a French Queen (Marie Antoinette) and has recently said that “food stamps give good bang for the buck.” Yes, she believes that we can be taken care of through food stamps and unemployment checks. How could our elected officials follow behind these vile persons who will never move towards our better interests? There will be no progress without courage and self empowerment. We need leaders not flunkies or “team players.”

Team players for a team that doesn’t include us is this situation. The time for true Black leadership is overdue. There should be an emulation of Parren J. Mitchell and Adam Clayton Powell in Washington, DC . Right now there isn’t a hint of such and during this recession we Blacks are catching pure hell. Congressional Black Caucus please wake up or just fall on your “swords” and let new brave leaders evolve. This could be your finest hour but yet you stutter, you pause and just close your eyes. You bow your head and follow behind the 21st century Massa named Pelosi.

Our Black farmers have settled, yet we can’t get Congress to release the money. It is like the CBC is totally helpless. Maybe they are. Congressman Danny Davis passed the Second Chance Bill that will enable our ex-offenders to enter the workforce and start a new viable future. The problem is Massa Pelosi and others won’t provide the funding to implement the bill. Thus, nothing is changing. How can they tolerate these “smacks in the face” and return to their districts and face their hurting constituents? The constituents should let them know that it is show time and patience can no longer be an option. Our children are at risk and our futures are too bleak. Black folks we need warriors not gate keepers and we should start showing that at the polls.

There are 41 million Americans on food stamps now and the majority is us. Entrepreneurship creates jobs and that should be the number one goal. Let’s stop being brain dead on small business development and work towards that end like never before. Right now the Congressional Black Caucus has the worst record in Congress for small business legislation. They seem to fight it as opposed to embracing it. They think tax increases and more welfare are the keys to empowerment and the answer to our ills. How foolish and naïve. It is time to call them out and demand more. We need Booker T. Washingtons in Congress, not enablers of welfare and hopelessness. Demand, demand and demand business development which creates jobs and paychecks for your constituents. Let us teach the people to fish and not run to hand out fish. Knowing how to fish ensures sustenance forever. Waiting for a fish is a dependency rivaling drug addiction.

CBC members, your deplorable voting record on small business legislation must be exposed. Your inattention to economic matters must be noted to all. Young leaders who want to rise and lead us out of poverty and into economic prowess – we await you! Pelosi, Reid and the others have no good intentions for Black folks. They simply retort, “We will give them more food stamps and extend unemployment insurance. Listen! We must have jobs and if you can’t do it then we will seek someone who can. Malfeasance, incompetence, cowardness and ignorance will no longer be tolerated. More jobs; more paychecks will be the measurement. If you cannot assist in providing these two key items then move your sorry butt out of the way so we can find strong, vibrant leaders who can. We don’t need team players anymore; we need strong leaders with a vision.

Oh, the change is going to hurt. But nothing good is easy as blood, sweat and tears are key ingredients to any aggressive change. Your Massa’ is going to be mad and may “beat” you, but just stand your ground and St. Peter will take notice on that judgment day and the people will be better for this. The people will reward you also via reelection.

Mr. Alford is the co-founder, President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce®. Website: www.nationalbcc.org. Email: halford@nationalbcc.org.

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0 # Guest 2010-10-19 18:23
So you want blacks to vote for their opponents.
I guess you want blacks to vote for the tea party canidate.
The tea party wants to put blacks back on the plantation; without a welfare check or food stamps. Blacks need to re-build their communities themselves because nobody will ever help us. 50 years from now we'll be in the same situation.
-1 # Guest 2010-10-14 14:05
"21st Century Massa named Pelosi" What a horable and backward thinking comment. I am surprised he didn't call Harry Reid Adolf Hitler. What a racist!

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