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Letter to the Editor: Vote of the People

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"As a small business owner and concerned citizen, I am tired of our city leaders making decisions without a vote of the people and forcing us to pay. I just recently heard that several local governments in California are trying to take over private electric businesses— often using eminent domain—and are refusing to let local voters have the final say in the decision, because state law doesn’t require it. That's how I started learning about how Proposition 16 establishes clear two-thirds voter approval requirements before local governments can spend public money or incur public debt to go into the local electricity business.”

Think about it right now---- California’s state and local debt exceeds $145 billion! Our annual state budget deficit is $20 billion or more. 12% of Californians are unemployed.

So, why allow city officials the ability to just up and decide that they can vote to run a business and use taxpayers’ money to buy this business.

It’s truly up to us as taxpayers to manage our own lives and businesses so that the future of our children are not overrun with huge government debts, high unemployment, homelessness and much, much more.

Chad Strickland
Small Business Owner
Los Angeles County

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0 # Guest 2010-04-01 09:09
Did anyone read the info page??? This campaign's MAJOR contributor is none other than P.G. & E. Obviously they do not want any competition. Be careful what you vote for!!!

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