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Students Respond to President Obama's Speech

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I think President Barack Obama’s speech was very important to many people because he is right. The only way to success is through education, and the only way to getting an education is by going to school. The best way of being someone in life is by getting an education and achieving your goals. Getting an education enables you to get a great career and a better future.

Dropping out of school is a really bad idea it is not the right way to go. Drop outs need to wake up and make resolution, because no one can change them but themselves. Not having an education can get you nowhere but to the gutter. The best ways to succeed is by trying and never give up.

Everybody is good at something but you have to find what that is. We are the future.

Alan Sanchez

To president Obama your speech motivated me today. To know that even if I fail I can still succeed from my failures because you can make changes from your mistakes. It shows me that I can succeed and make it even if I fail, I can get right back up and keep going until I succeed.

And what got me thinking more about your speech, is when you said Michael Jordan got cut from his basketball team. He didn’t give up and he made varsity, and that why I will never give up and will try to go succeed in every thing I do.

Anthony Jackson

Your speech was very good and inspirational to me and I can see where you are coming from. Your speech made me think about a lot of things that I can be doing with my life. When you said that you came from a home without a father, I can see how that can be for someone to not have a dad because it is hard raising kids without a father. Because my dad had that same problem but he still made it and you made it to.

So it shouldn’t be too hard for anyone to get their education, because it is like you said all we have to do is listen to our parents and teachers. If we just do that than we can make a life for our selves, and we can become the next presidents or lawyers and get jobs and have our own business. I hope that your speech said something to somebody because it said something to me.

Daniel White

I think that your speech was for students who want to drop out and not go to school. And this speech was for them to open their eyes and realize that they need to go to school And have a better life by going to college and getting a good career by having a good job. And you said the way to do that is by being successful in life and that’s what inspired me the most. But I think your speech was too short not like other times that you had big speeches.

But it was alright with what you said and I think this is going to inspire a lot of students to be successful in school and I am sure that a lot of people would agree with me, you are going to be a great president of the United States because you are going to make a change in this country by inspiring students to stay in school and make a better life for themselves by being successful in the future so that what I thought about your speech.

Eric Trejo

I heard your speech today. And I think it was great. It really got me thinking about how my life was and the only way out of my old life is school. I also noticed that the way I was living was wrong and I could change my life. Like the other kids you mention in your speech. I just hope I do because I’m sick of the way I’m living my life.

So thanks to you I’m staying in school and actually trying hard. And to think I was going to drop out, but now I know there’s no point in doing that. I’m thinking about going to college. I want to go to University of California San Diego to become either a graphic designer or a business man. So thanks for the inspiration I look forward to a good future and meeting you someday to thank you personally.

Fernando Arellano

I really liked your speech you gave about education. I really think that you made people think about dropping out and not finishing school. That speech really made me think about what I want to be in life. I think it is important to be some thing in life. I want to be a policeman one day and that speech made me stay in school and do better in my studies.

I am happy that they elected you president. Now that your president people are really looking up to you with your speeches and all the things your doing for us but now that you are looking toward the kids and me people will really appreciate what you’re doing for this country around the world. The parents won’t have to worry about their kids future and education.

Francisco Moreno

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