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Being Hustled By the State NAACP President

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I was collecting my notes to write how the statewide candidates for political office ignored the Black community and was prepared to talk about how Jerry Brown wanted the Black vote but was taking us for granted because he didn’t buy advertisements in any of the state’s Black-owned newspapers.

There are no Black-owned television stations in California yet, so newspapers are the media of choice for those wishing to reach the Black community. Then I saw a few articles in a couple of papers about how Jerry Brown had visited Black Churches in Los Angeles and Compton. But I was still miffed about why the Black Press was being ignored by the politicians running for statewide office and those campaigning for the Propositions.

As the former President of the West Coast Black Publishers and a member of the California Black Media, I called Vernon Whitmore, the new president of West Coast Black Publishers, and Hardy Brown, president of California Black Media, to inquire and neither had gotten any advertisements either, but the information that they had led to one woman Alice Huffman.

Alice Huffman is President of the California NAACP and president of a public relations company called A.C. Public Affairs. I found out that her company shares luxury office space with the NAACP in Sacramento, CA. I also found out her company got a contract to promote Proposition 19 to the tune of $100,000.

It is not clear as to how much she got to represent a total of twenty items including the Propositions. Her contract included the Governor’s and Lieutenant Governor’s race and Insurance Commissioner, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Controller, Board of Equalization, and Propositions 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, and 27.

I don’t know what Huffman promised these organizations but I think they got screwed, and so did the Black Press. There are more than 20 Black-owned newspapers that cover the African American community in California. That number includes twelve that are California members of the West Coast Black Publishers Association. They are: the Bakersfield News Observer, The Globe Newspaper Group, Inglewood Today, Los Angeles Sentinel and LA Watts Times, The Sacramento Observer, Pasadena/San Gabriel Valley Journal, Precinct Reporter and Tri County Bulletin, Riverside Black Voice News, San Diego Voice and Viewpoint, and the Tri County Sentry.

These are part of the California Black Media membership list: Bakersfield News Observer, Black Voice News, California Advocate, Globe Newspapers, Inglewood Today, Inland Valley News, L.A. Focus, L.A. Sentinel, L.A. Watts Times, L.A. Wave Newspaper, Long Beach Times, Oakland Post, Our Weekly, Pace Newspaper, Pasadena Journal, Precinct Reporter, Sacramento Observer, San Diego Monitor, San Bernardino American, San Francisco Bay View, Sun Reporter, Tri County Sentry, and the Westside Story.

If Alice Huffman told those folks that she represented the African American community, she lied to get their money. The NAACP should be angry because Huffman’s actions used them and set up an apparent conflict of interest operation that makes it look like the NAACP organization, that prides itself in not endorsing candidates, could potentially lose their tax exempt status. The Huffman operation is clearly a for-profit operation based on her representations, or misrepresentations, that she covers the whole African American community.

It is my understanding that only three or four Black-owned newspapers got the advertisements to run in their newspapers, the Los Angeles Sentinel, the Sacramento Observer, the Precinct Reporter (San Bernardino), and Huffman’s own produced eight page tabloid called, The Minority News. This item was inserted into those newspapers, presumably, that she chose and also mailed to a number of NAACP members. I got one when I acquired a copy of the Los Angeles Sentinel.

It’s only a matter of time before someone turns this over to the State Attorney General because of the appearance of impropriety.

Let us not forget the TEA PARTY got rid of the Acorn Operation and the Republican Party operative, Breitbart, got Shirley Sherrod fired because of the appearance of impropriety.

Why is the state NAACP and the national NAACP under new Chairman Roslyn M. Brock and Executive Director Ben Jealous letting the Huffman operation place the NAACP status in jeopardy?

Am I mad? YES. I operate a legitimate media operation that is, like most newspapers, struggling to survive. Meanwhile people who hustle the community operate out of luxury offices using the NAACP as an apparent front.

How many more years will Huffman be allowed to get away with this?

This is a matter for the Attorney General because it stinks, smells of fraud, and is a conflict of interest.

At press time, Ms. Huffman could not be reached for comment.

Joe C. Hopkins is Publisher of The Pasadena/SGV Journal News.

Thank You from Fontana School Board Member Sophia Green

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By Sophia Green –

I would first like to recognize those who made it possible for me to serve our children and their families, for that is the mission of every school in Fontana. I would like to thank everyone who helped me achieve this goal¸ including my supporters, donors, endorsers, and my family. I would not have been able to accomplish this without the help of each and every one of you. I am humbled by all the good wishes and the supportive words of wisdom.

I would also like the public to know I will do my very best, but I need your help. I am asking each of you, every student, your families and the entire community to do your part. Together, we will continue to create the schools we need to ensure the promise of a bright future for every chi ld. Together, we wi l l accomplish this dream. My mission is to realize the goal of a high quality education for all of our students, and my desire is that every child has the opportunity to become a productive, successful citizen of this great city and nation.

On November 2nd, Fontana citizens proved that they can elect people of character and integrity, that they care about having moral and ethical leadership for our schools.

In spite of some attempts towards creating division and mistrust, YOU spoke clearly in casting your votes. We all heard that Fontanans will no longer tolerate narrow minded views about people based on race, ethnicity, and religious or political bel iefs. What we heard on November 2nd is a call to tolerance, and a call for new leadership. We also heard a demand to cast aside the shadows of tyranny and oppression that have been hidden from public view. I promise to provide that leadership for every member of this community, including the teachers, administrators and classified staff who serve this district. Through my role on this board, I intend to build trust, to be honest and to demand transparency in this district. I need your promise to practice the same values, and to be involved in our schools.

To accomplish these goals, we must have open and honest communication. Please feel free to contact me, and feel secure in sharing your experiences and concerns. Every person’s comments, recommendations and concerns are important to me. Together, we can foster the climate of moral and ethical education that is essential for creating the best schools in the nation. I am looking forward to serving every person in this community for the next four years. It is a privilege and an honor to collaborate with the entire board to achieve the goals of graduating every student prepared for life.

Sophia Green was elected Nov ember 2nd to serve on the Fontana School Board.

President Obama Selling Out Blacks for Union Favor

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(NNPA) Yes, this is certainly a milestone for unions. For decades they have shoved money under the noses of Black elected officials and their bidding was represented by such officials, despite the policy being against Black interests, employment, and the well being of the entire Black community. Some unions like the UAW, Steelworkers, Communication Workers, and Postal Workers have enjoyed participation of Black employees and the harmony of the Black community. However, we cannot look at this in such a collective manner; the construction unions among others have been racist, Jim Crow, and predatory on the Black working class and the Black community as a whole. They have bought off national organizations before, but never have they owned someone at the White House. JFK, Nixon, and Clinton have made deals with them but not a carte blanche takeover of the U.S. labor market. Despite the racial animist of some of these major union segments President Obama has opened all the doors to them and we, Black people, are at an incredible risk.

It’s as if President Obama is in charge of the labor movement. When his people are presented with the facts that Black employment, especially Black business, will suffer under this policy, they just don’t care. They more or less say “so what”. Black business owners and Black workers, there is a “Darth Vader” sitting in the White House and he isn’t White. Blacks are at the bottom rung of every economic statistic in our nation and he is aiming to make it worse. We have unemployment approaching 30% and he smiles as his policies aim to make it more than 50%. Don’t count on the Congressional Black Caucus to deal with him on this issue as 80% have conceded and will march behind him simply because of their allegiance to the party. Many will have their political careers spiral into oblivion during the next few election cycles, but they are willing to go down for this disgusting and treasonous cause.

An example of this cavalier attitude against Blacks and Hispanics in favor of unions was the Chicago Olympic Proposal. It was so rich in Union only projects known as Project Labor Agreements that it was clear Black and Hispanic employment would not reach 10% in the construction of the Olympics in a town that is 55% Black and Hispanic. The proposal was replete with the destruction of various Black and Hispanic neighborhoods for the sake of real estate investors and the greedy unions. It stunk and the Brazilian Olympic Committee noticed it immediately. They put out the word throughout the National Olympic Committee officials. When the competition started they couldn’t wait to disqualify the U.S. proposal because of the racial and cultural damage it would do to the city of Chicago. It was the most shameful moment for the U.S. in the history of the World Olympics.

Equally disgusting is President Obama’s Southern Strategy. Like Ronald Reagan’s strategy before him, he has decided to disregard the well being of southern Blacks and find any kind of way to let unions into the southern labor market and then allow them to work and organize political cells for his political future. Yes, the South has been mostly Right to Work states, which do not allow union only projects. Consequently, Black employment in construction is three times higher in the South than in states that allow Union Only projects. President Obama wants to destroy that so that his union cronies will be happy.

He is secretly working on major projects in the South, such as nuclear facilities, that will create many high paying jobs. As he maneuvers to make this happen, he will declare these mighty projects Union Only. Thus he would bring his union cronies from the North into the southern market and transfer his northern union workers to come and organize local union shops and help proselytize Democratic Party policies and candidates. In other words, he wants to turn the “Red States” of the South into “Blue States” for the benefit of unions and his party and to the detriment of Blacks and long–term White residents. Yes, he wants to turn the South into Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago , etc. with its sky high Black and Hispanic unemployment, but also with union largesse that feeds the pockets of his party.

America, your President is wrong on this one and it will hurt your children, grandchildren, and destroy your legacy. The time has come to say “It was nice that you are Black but destroying our economic base is not in the deal. Straighten up or check out.” I know it hurts but wrong is wrong and we must be strong enough to fight wrong whenever it comes before us and by whoever presents it. Your future depends on it.

Mr. Alford is the co-founder, President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (r). Website: www.nationalbcc.org. Email: halford@nationalbcc.org

Clean Haiti's Water

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By Judge Greg Mathis –

Shortly after the New Year began, Haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake that killed more than 200,000 people and left more than one million homeless. The promise of help came from around the world: individuals donated what they could and richer nations, including our own, pledged millions of dollars in support.

Unfortunately, a significant number of those commitments have not been met. As the anniversary of the earthquake approaches, Haiti is still a broken country. To make matters worse, the tiny nation is battling a disease outbreak that, under better conditions, would be simple to treat.

Cases of cholera began popping up in rural Haiti in early October. Cholera is a disease that causes intestinal distress in its victims: vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain. These symptoms can lead to dehydration; if not treated, an infected person could die. And, that’s just what’s been happening in Haiti. To date, there have been more than 3,000 cases of the disease and more than 250 deaths.

Cholera is primarily spread through contaminated drinking water. In wealthier countries, water is treated and the bacteria that cause the disease are killed.

Haiti hasn’t had a cholera outbreak in more than 100 years; medical professionals are unsure of what brought this on. One thing is for certain: the nation’s medical system was weakened by the quake and health officials are having a hard time battling the disease.

With experts worried that the disease may soon spread to nearby Dominican Republic, it’s critical that the international pledged community makes good on its promises of support to Haiti.

Current funding for Haiti should be redirected and used to build filtration centers, so that individuals there are guaranteed clean drinking water. Additionally, money should be spent on cholera vaccines and medical outreach so that those who have not been infected don’t get infected.

While it’s important any nation in a position to do so help Haiti get back on its feet – and put the country in a position to prosper - the immediate focus should not be on rebuilding infrastruc- ture, but on preserving life.


Proposition 23 Wrong For The State Of California

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Proposition 23, the ballot measure that would suspend California’s progress toward a clean-energy economy, would be very bad news for California’s low income and minority communities. It would stifle job growth, an effect especially harsh in minority communities where unemployment is among the state’s highest. And it would stymie efforts to clean up some of the state’s most toxic facilities, areas where a disproportionate number of California’s minorities live.

If passed, Prop 23 would require the state to abandon for now its comprehensive clean air and clean energy standards that include increased renewable energy and cleaner fuel requirements, and mandatory emission reporting and fee requirements for major polluters. It would allow these programs to resume only after the state’s unemployment rate drops to 5.5% for a full year – something that’s happened just three times in 40 years.

California’s economy is recovering, but it will likely be more than a dozen years before unemployment drops that low, stifling development of clean energy technologies and setting back California’s efforts to compete with China and other states in winning our share of the new economy– years we may not have.

California’s nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office recently refuted the claims by Prop. 23’s backers that the clean energy law is bad for the economy. It found the economic calculations used in those claims to be “essentially useless,” and it found that suspension of the clean energy law could “dampen additional investments in clean energy technologies or in so-called ‘green jobs’ by private firms, thereby resulting in less economic activity.”

Many of the affected minority communities are located just a stone’s throw from some of the state’s most toxic energy facilities.

In all, some 63 percent of the population residing within two and a half miles of these facilities is African American, Latino or Asian/Pacific Islander. And statewide on average, 70 percent of people of color are exposed to dangerous particulate matter linked exposure to such pollution; this disparity is particularly sharp for African Americans. Partly as a result of such exposure, California’s low-income communities are facing epidemics of asthma and lung disease due to air pollution, which contributes to thousands of premature deaths, hundreds of thousands of asthma attacks, and thousands of trips to the hospital.

Many of these toxic facilities are operated by some of the same out-ofstate oil companies – including Valero, Tesoro and Koch Industries – that are spending millions of dollars in an attempt to pass Prop 23. In fact, 98 percent of campaign cash for Prop 23 is from the oil industry; 89 percent of it is from out-of-state.

Such communities – like Wilmington in the LA area where many of the toxic plants are located and the poverty rate is 25 percent – would benefit greatly from the solid, good-paying “green color” jobs a clean energy economy would bring.

As San Francisco State Urban Studies Professor Raquel Pinderhughes recently noted, the vast majority of green collar jobs do not require high levels of education.

In fact, clean energy businesses are one of the few bright spots in our recovering economy.

These businesses are creating many jobs that can provide pathways out of poverty for struggling families. Many of these jobs – in solar companies, energy efficiency firms, and green manufacturing – are “middle-skill” jobs. They pay well and require training and skill, but they are available to people without 4-year university degrees. Since 2005, California green jobs have grown 10 times faster than the statewide average. If we kill our state’s clean energy and clean air standards, California would lose hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in investments. California would change instantly from clean energy “leader” to “laggard.” Other states would win the countless jobs and investments that California now attracts.

We know why the out of state oil companies like Prop. 23. With it in place, the Texas fox would be guarding California’s henhouse, wiping out years of progress toward a clean energy economy, good jobs and a healthier quality of life.

Aubry Stone is CEO of the California Black Chamber of Commerce.

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