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One Should at Least Believe the Evidence of the San Bernardino School District

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Some of you have questioned my opinion for laying some blame of the lack of African American student achievement on San Bernardino School Board Member Danny Tillman and have responded that there is no evidence that our students, and especially African American students, are at the bottom. That feedback brought to mind one of my favorite scriptures: John 14:11, which is about the disciples not believing the evidence of witnessing the miracles that were performed.

For the record, I have strongly supported Danny each and every time he has run for office and when some members in the community began to attack him, I counseled him on how to approach the issue. Now one might have a problem with me as the messenger, but you cannot ignore the message.

That being said, I want to document some of the evidence as recorded by the California Department of Education regarding San Bernardino students. This is in no way a condemnation on the district because there are a lot of good things happening. The district has some new board members President Mike Gallo and Margaret Hill and a new superintendent Dr. Dale Marsden that have committed themselves to providing positive leadership for us to follow. So we should give them adequate time to point this district on the road to success. I am pointing out that when one wants to seek a higher level of public responsibility make sure you at least evaluate your evidence.

We all have heard or at least are familiar with the Academic Performance Index (API) score that is one of the indicators of how well our children are doing in school. A statewide base line score of 800 has been established as a student performing well. As a former school board member I have personal knowledge that these indicators are a basis and not gospel as to how well a district is doing with our children.

A snapshot of student performance in San Bernardino in three critical areas:

API scores:
Blacks 687
Latinos 723
Whites 788
Asians 832

Remember 800 is the baseline score everyone is trying to reach.

Cohort dropout rate:
Blacks 18.8%
Latinos 14.8%
Whites 14.7%
Asians 14.3%

So the question is what is the acceptable number of students who dropout of school?

Graduation rates:
Blacks 67.8%
Latinos 73.7%
Whites 76.3%
Asians 78.6%

This shows that for every 100 Black students attending school over 30 of them will not get a high school diploma.

Without a diploma, these students will find that decent employment is out of reach for them and with a 12.4% unemployment rate in the city and employers seeking candidates with some college education, these students are doomed.

Yes, this is my opinion. You might not believe me, but at least believe the documented evidence.

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