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Southern White Republican Leaders Are Still Fighting The Civil War

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It is a sad state of affairs that our southern congressional political officials are still fighting the Civil War 150 years after President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation that took effect on January 1, 1863. Many people know this but are afraid to say it openly about the actions taken by these officials who believe that “a Black man has no right that he has to respect even if he is president of the United States.”

They will not vote for a financial bill to keep the country from going over a fiscal cliff or provide relief by voting on the Sandy Hurricane Disaster Relief Bill even if it will hurt many White citizens in the process. That is why Congressman Eric Cantor of Virginia could not vote for the recent financial crisis bill approved by Congress.

Congress Member John Boehner (R) of Ohio and Speaker of the House is caught in the middle just as Ohio was during the 1800s when many in Ohio fought for slavery to be abolished but many in Cincinnati, just across the river in Kentucky wanted slavery. Boehner voted for the bill to help save the country from a financial crises knowing the president would get the credit but only seconds later he would pull a disaster bill (Sandy Hurricane Relief) that hurts the citizens of all races and political parties in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut just to please southern Republican elected officials.

When Boehner caught the anger of his Northern Republican colleagues and their threats to have campaign contributions withheld, and reminded them how many times they have sent money to help the south during disasters; Boehner said I will have everyone vote. Many southern Republican congressional representatives did not support the Sandy Disaster Relief Bill of $9 billion but Democrats voted to support our fellow citizens in this time of need.

As a teenager growing up in North Carolina under Mr. Jim Crow, Sr. I heard my parents talk about this type of deep seated racial hate taken by White local county commissioners. They would not vote to receive federal programs that would help the poor people in the county regardless of race; because it would help Blacks so their decision was no one would receive help.

I call this the “kill the baby mentality” just as in the biblical story found in Kings 3:5-14, where Solomon uses wisdom to decide who was the real mother of the baby. Remember Solomon said I will cut the baby in half and the real mother said no; give the baby to her but save the baby even if I cannot have him. Some congressional representatives say “kill Obama” is our objective and who cares if others get hurt in the process. They do not care about the country but are wrapped up in old time hate of African Americans and the fact they lost the war.

There are a lot of Republicans who do not like their political party obstructionist attitude but will not speak out against them for fear of retaliation. Like President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, “you have nothing to fear but fear it self.”

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0 # Stan 2013-01-18 06:06
I am a born Canadian but not Native Idian who were here first, with our own bad legacy. I do believe the US GUN problem is equally as a result of the American Civil War, the right to bear arms because the North and South still do not trust each other. God Bless Obama.

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