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Government of the People and by the People Trumps Gun Rights to Own Assault Weapons

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The right of an American citizen to bear arms is something that should not in any way be tampered with; however, what type of gun a citizens owns is another right for our collective government of the people, by the people to regulate. When you think of a citizen owning a rocket or grenade launcher under the banner of the second amendment right to bear arms for protection is something our society does not tolerate.

Over the past few years many conversations have taken place over this right to bear arms in the backdrop of several mass shootings and citizens being killed by guns each and every year. Now we find the conversation front and center once again after the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

We have the National Rifle Association saying the solution is to put armed guards on every school campus in America. Now while this idea appeals to some in our society, it is rejected by others as an improper solution. What type of gun would the officer be allowed to carry is one question? Would it be a handheld side arm weapon or an assault rifle weapon like the one used by recent shooters? If not, then we will wind up with the officers being killed as well because shooters have access to body armor protection.

To all of those who believe that we should not have any regulations should probably be shown the pictures of the victim’s bodies. In the movie “A Time to Kill” starring Matthew McConaughey, Sandra Bullock, and Samuel Jackson, McConaughey, played the role of a defense attorney who had an all-White jury close their eyes as he described a young 11-year-old girl being raped by adults while pouring beer over her body. He went into the gory details of her pain and then told the jury, imagine that she was White. The jury members cried because they could identify with that girl being one of their children, so at that point Jackson was justified in killing a White man.

It is too bad that we cannot seek rational decisions some times unless it hits us on a personal level. I listened to some of the first responders on the scene at Sandy Hook Elementary School and saw the carnage and bodies of little children with two or more bullet holes in them say they never want to see anything like it.

One reason the American public does not see coffins arrive in America during war is the public will not stomach war too long when they can see the personal damage so clearly.

I think every elected official in Congress should be made to review the coroners report or the pictures of what that assault gun did to those killed. I think NRA leaders would also have a change in perspective if they took a look at the affect of those guns on human bodies especially children.

I also do not see where the average citizen should have firepower greater than that of a peace officer. Federal law should ban all assault or machine guns from personal use and buy back all of them that have been sold to private owners. All legal automatic weapons should be limited to five or six rounds at a time. We must take action on these handheld killing machines period.

Putting armed guards in all schools is not the answer; otherwise, we would need to put them at every public place in America where people congregate. Ultimately it is up to our elected representatives in Congress, so let them know how you feel on this issue.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and get ready for a Happy New Year.

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0 # Terry Earl 2013-01-15 15:58
If people would think of God giving them His peace in their souls,His love in their hearts, and His presence in their everday lives, they would not need a gun.( POUNDER on this).

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