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When Good Citizens Do Nothing Only Then Can Evil Triumph

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Last Friday was a senseless killing of 26 innocent citizens in Newtown, Connecticut with twenty of them being children. This took place within a span of 10 minutes by a 20-year-old male with mental problems. They say he had enough ammunition for his automatic long 223 Bushmaster assault rifle and two-semi automatic glock handguns enough to kill all six hundred people at the school. These guns were legally purchased by his mother who he killed with four shots to the head before going to Sandy Hook Elementary school and shooting his way into the building and doing this evil deed.

What he left behind is for the living to try and understand. As the police try and put together the pieces and loved ones try and get a grip on their loss, we all pray that God gives us the strength to go on. We try and find solace in the scriptures of our faith as we turn to each other and religious leaders for comfort.

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Whenever thing happens in my life that I can’t find a rational answer, I turn to Romans 8:28 NIV; “And we know that God causes every thing to work together for good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” It is a hard scripture to swallow or get your mind around but I have comfort in it and try to move on with adjustments in my faith as I go; believing and knowing that he did not bring me this far to leave me.

As I make adjustments in my own thinking about this incident, I know that “a change is going to come” in this country about how we fund and support the gun industry and how we look and treat our citizens with mental disorders.

On the funding side, our California Teachers Association (CTA) is reevaluating their $461 million investment into the company that makes the 223-Bushmaster assault rifle used to kill teachers and students at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut. It is reported that this amounts to one-sixth of all investors of Freedom Group the maker of the gun. I wonder how many other non-violent groups help fund companies whose only purpose is to kill and destroy.

A change has begun to take hold because people who were opposed to any changes in gun laws have said everything must be on the table for discussion because of children being slaughtered. President Obama, spoke about “all” children when he included children in suburban, rural and urban cities that are dying at a rate of 32 per day by guns but receive no media coverage. He has asked Vice President Biden, a longtime gun control advocate to spearhead an administration-wide effort to curb gun violence.

Even with this national slaughter of innocent lives we still have some who say guns do not kill but it’s people who pull the trigger. There is a popular television show on the western channel called “Dead Man’s Gun” and who ever gets this gun in their hands it transforms non-killers into mighty killers by empowerment of their nerves. It removes the fear of death that grips many of those from its contact. This is what happens to everyday people and especially those with mental disorders.

It is a recipe for evil things to happen when guns meet a person without the ability to reason in a normal way. It is even to powerful at times for highly trained officers. I have often written about police officers who use excessive force, thirty and forty shots when apprehending suspects that are unarmed, sometimes in the performance of their duty. Recently, we had a man with a known mental disability killed at the local university. I bring that up because of the mental disability issue.

It was when Governor Ronald Reagan closed down all of California’s mental institutions and let people self-medicate that this issue became a problem with the public. Now we have many families having to deal with a family member instead of having places that are trained to interact with a person who suffers from a mental disorder. Most normal people have trouble remembering to take their medicine on time and we expect others to take theirs. Who are we fooling?

We need to do what ever we can to keep guns out of the hands of those who want to kill, which is impossible. So if that is impossible we should remove the kinds of guns that cause so much damage in a short period of time, thus saving some lives.

One thing is for sure if Good Citizens sit back and do nothing the slaughtering of innocent lives will only escalate and evil will win.

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0 # Kelenpé 2013-01-03 06:54
Unfortunately, this country was built with guns. It was guns that murdered the indigenous population, guns that got rid of British rule, and guns that kept us enslaved for 310 years. Getting rid of guns at this juncture is next to impossible. It would be easier to ban oxygen than to impose the total elimination of guns in this society.
0 # Condor22 2012-12-20 05:53
I was with you up until your lies about Reagan. You make you and your argument look silly with your hate for a great man.
0 # Jennifer Santori 2012-12-20 05:52
Sir...you sound like Jesse Jackson who is always ready to profit by the misfortunes of others. If you want to solve the problem, arm teachers. But first consider the statistics. Yes, the media keeps us informed and upset each time this happens. Yes, it is a tragedy. No there are not a lot of these incidents when you consider the number of schools and the number of children in them. You are about to further damage the constitution by whipping up animosity against gun possession when LACK of gun possession by the right people is the only practical solution to a problem that really doesn't need to be solved.

Hard truth, My friend, is always unpleasant.

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