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Councilwoman McCammack: We Live In San Bernardino

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“We live here and the majority of you don’t,” stated Council Member Wendy McCammack to some members of the Police Officers Association who had made political re-election threats to the council. The council was discussing agenda item 7-A at their last meeting, which was a request to get a cost and service proposal from the sheriff’s department on outsourcing police services.

The council did pass the request from staff, on a four-three vote after much discussion from the public, council members and San Bernardino City Attorney Jim Penman. Penman, in my opinion, did more to cast dispersion on the discussion with statements that no one in the city knew they were near bankruptcy until the interim city manager took over.

You see Penman has taken so much campaign money from police and firefighters over his 25 years as city attorney and hates to go against them in favor of the city taxpayers. Several speakers publicly said Penman was giving out false information because now retired city budget director and the retired city manager told them two years ago in a budget meeting that the city was headed toward bankruptcy if changes were not made.

My suggestion to the mayor and council members is to not let Penman be your negotiator with the sheriff’s department on this matter because he is too divisive and self-serving in his presentations. Once all the information is collected and presented to the council then he can have his non-binding legal opinion on whether the council should proceed with outsourcing public safety services.

Now as for Robert Jenkins, John Valdivia and Chas Kelley they can leave the council and go to work for the police and firefighters association. I want to remind them that it is the taxpayers of the city of San Bernardino that pay the bills for the city and not these associations. Like Wendy McCammack clearly stated “the majority of them do not live here”.

Bullying and a Dynasty Building Strategy Helped Kill The Baca Legacy

Many political organizations and groups are trying to figure out how Gloria Negrete McLeod and Cheryl Brown defeated a sitting congressman and his son on November 6th. McLeod and Brown were told by Democratic Party leaders and national, state, and local labor leaders like California Teachers Association that they could not win, but like the little train going up the hill they kept on tugging along to victory.

These two women knew something that those living outside the district did not know and that was that people were tired of being bullied by the Baca family who were trying to build a family legacy on the backs of taxpayers. People would whisper about the Baca tactics in the community but were afraid to publicly say anything about them until the “giant slayers”, as some people are labeling them, became formidable challengers in two much watched races.

Bolsters by local support, outsiders started saying “hey” Gloria and Cheryl can win this thing with a little help from us. So Gloria and Cheryl strengthened their long time relationships with local democrats, republicans, decline to state, local labor members, all faith groups, and local elected leaders who were not intimidated by Baca Sr. They were also able to get a cross section of every racial and ethnic group living in the districts, which is crucial if one wants to represent the total population.

Congratulations Assembly Speaker John Perez on being Re-elected Speaker by Unanimous Vote

Speaker John Perez is credited with helping elect 54 Democrats, which gives them 2/3rds majority in the Assembly. This is the first time since the mid 1970’s sessions that this has happened.

Now the hard work of governing must begin to lift California back to number one in education, business, job creation, health delivery organizations, and the envy of every state in the union.

It can be done with everyone working together under Speaker Perez’ leadership. Congratulations on a job well done.

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