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Reasons to Vote on Tuesday Nov 6th

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If you have been reading, listening, or watching anything for the past year, I’m sure you have heard that there are still people not wanting us to vote for the candidate of our choice. They are putting up roadblocks that appear reasonable to some while presenting insurmountable obstacles to others. Things like requiring state photo identification, purging voter rolls, literacy tests, providing misinformation on polling places, felon disenfranchisement and not providing the voters with all the proper information. It is all designed to give political advantage to one side or the other, so I am going to give you several reasons why I think you should VOTE.

• Voting is one way to have your voice heard.

• One vote does matter when added with others on Election Day. Plus you will be surprised to find out how many others voted the way you did and agree with you.

• Our children are depending on those of us with the right to vote to provide a better world for them.

• Voting for the people we think will represent us and our interest will help change our communities and bring prosperity to all of us and not just a few.

• Voting helps preserve our democracy allowing us to pursue those things that will bring joy to our families and neighbors through: greater business ventures, better educational opportunities, access to health care, good paying jobs, reliable retirement plans and a government that puts people first.

• Voting also gives us credibility. It says I am a part of this country and this is my way of leveling the playing field. I have just as much power as a billionaire when it comes to making my mark on the ballot because they can only mark one ballot just like me.

So exercise your right and vote before or on Tuesday November 6th. If you want to know how the Black Voice News is looking at the candidates and propositions read on: BVN 2012 Election Recommendations

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0 # Alisa S. Moore 2012-11-08 09:10
Nice piece - just FYI, Gloria Macias Harrison is the retired president of Crafton Hills College, not Chaffey College.

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