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Deborah Robertson for Mayor of Rialto

The voters of Rialto will select a new mayor in November and I am recommending they select Deborah Robertson who has the energy and vision to help bring business and jobs into the Inland Empire region. I say region because we need elected leaders who can work with other local governments in order to lift the region as well as their own city.

Deborah has fought hard during her tenure as a council member for business development in Rialto and has been a representative on various other boards and commissions comprised of elected officials.

She is very knowledgeable of our transportation needs to move products and commodities from the port of Los Angeles to and through the region. She will bring a vision and energy to the top leadership position in the city.

Elect Deborah Robertson Mayor of Rialto

Re-elect Lydia Wibert and Matthew Slowik to Fontana City Council

Fontana has a current city council that is working together as a team even though comprised of five different individuals with separate interest. However, they mesh those interests together toward moving the city forward. They are setting an example of how local government officials should behave and work for the people.

Lydia has a long history of community service with 17-years of service as a volunteer with the police department and 22-years as a Commissioner with the Parks and Recreation department. She integrates those experiences into policies that bring business to the community with jobs.

Matthew on the other hand brings years of experience and planning skills from his profession with the county. He wants Fontana to grow in a mighty way but be responsible with the type of business that will compliment Fontana’s workforce. He knows education has a large responsibility in providing a skilled labor force so he serves on the Fontana Unified School District Bond Oversight Committee.

Lydia Wibert and Matthew Slowik deserve your support and should be re-elected to the Fontana City Council in moving Fontana forward.

Re-elect Vincent Yzaguirre and Alex Perez to Colton City Council

The City of Colton for a long time was known as the ‘Hub’ of the three cities between San Bernardino, Redlands and Riverside back in the sixties and seventies. It lost some of that reputation, have as other cities have risen in population and some businesses relocated to other areas.

However with citizens like Vincent offering his education, skills, and leadership on the council Colton can regain that status as he helps bring businesses back into the region. Vincent has a Master’s Degree in Business Management from the University Of Redlands and real estate development work experience with Vanir Corporation, as well as Riverside County as Deputy Director of real estate development.

Vincent is also a native of the city he loves and is committed to serving.

Alex has served the city as a planning commissioner and is seeking re-election to continue his work on projects that benefit the city of Colton. He would like to see the infrastructure of the city rebuilt and with the help of other council members, build a sports complex to make the city more health conscious.

Re-elect Vincent Yzaguirre and Alex Perez to Colton City Council.

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