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Gloria Macias Harrison and John Longville for San Bernardino Community College Trustee

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There have been many people who have sought or have been elected to the San Bernardino Community College Board of Trustees but none with the qualifications, skills, and experience of Gloria Macias Harrison and John Longville.

Gloria was born and raised in this community and knows the issues young adults face in poverty and what an education can do to lift oneself up from that environment.

She and her sister Marta Macias Brown founded the El Chicano Newspaper but she did not stop there, she went on to get her college education and become president of Crafton Community College while raising a family with husband Bill Harrison. He and their children continue to run the family enterprise in Colton.

The community college system will benefit locally and statewide from her experience and leadership.

She also knows and understands the diverse population of students who seek an education beyond the K-12 level or a skill toward gainful employment in the workforce as entrepreneurs.

I recommending that you also re-elect John Longville to the San Bernardino Community College Board of Trustees. John brings much political experience as a former staff member to George Brown, a former Rialto City Council Member and Mayor of the City of Rialto. John also served in the State Assembly.

There are many people who have similar backgrounds as John but few are as effective with that experience, mainly because, unlike John, they seek to serve themselves instead of the people they profess to represent.

John loves to serve others and that is when he is at his best. Members who served with him in Sacramento still talk about his ability to get things done and with that experience John can help Gloria as they work as a team to improve our community.

Vote Gloria Macias Harrison and John Longville.

Russ Warner for 40th Assembly Seat, Not Mike Morrell

It has come to my attention that we might have a candidate running for the new 40th assembly district dressed in sheep’s clothing seeking support from the Black community clergy leadership. Now one of the things the scriptures tells us about is the gift of “discernment” and not to be so eager to hear the message and then not examine it for truthfulness.

Mike Morrell knows that the Black clergy stands firm on many social issues, so it sounds good to tell them that he has the same beliefs in order to gain votes for office. However, he didn’t tell them that he introduced a bill, AB 663, in the assembly that would require all voters to produce a government issued ID card with picture before one could vote.

If his bill had become law, I would not be able to vote. I have not been issued a drivers license in years, due to my illness. Now I know many seniors who would lose the right to vote if Morrell had his way.

He also wants law enforcement to collect money from inmates while incarcerated and we know who is locked up behind bars in disproportionate numbers.

So the wolf is saying some things that they want to hear while introducing legislation that will restrict the civil rights of the very people the clergy serves.

Even Little Red Riding Hood decided to take a closer look at her grandmother in the bed and saw that her eyes, ears, and teeth were bigger than usual before she jumped in bed to greet her. Now if Little Red Riding Hood had just listened without discerning the raspy voice of the wolf and knowing that the wolf’s facial features were not possibly that of her grandmother’s, she would have been history.

Now we have another candidate as an alternative to Morrell and that is Russ Warner, a businessman from Rancho Cucamonga. With over 40-years as a business owner, Russ knows what it takes to create jobs and meet a payroll.

Russ is a family man and was raised by his grandfather, a minister. I only mention that for those who lean toward people who know, understand, and believe in Christianity.

He also knows what it will take to make Sacramento work and that is only by reaching across political lines and getting things done for the people. He is for creating jobs, and seeking legislation to help all children get a quality education.

Vote for Russ Warner in the 40th Assembly District.

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