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Congratulations Lynn and Tim

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Congratulations Lynn and Tim

Our daughter Lynn Renee Lee got married this past Friday to Tim Summers and the family celebrated in the family tradition of food and dancing. They took a few days off to celebrate in Palm Springs but is back to work duties at Kaiser Hospital in Fontana this week.

At the wedding her granddaughters and nieces were a part of the ceremony and later took over the floor while dancing to every piece of music played. The crowd’s favorite dance, young and old was the “waddle” with myself being the only thing missing on the dance floor. I was not the only one because a few others could not get their bones and muscles to straighten out as well.

As I watched our grand kids dancing, I thought the rhythm has been passed down to the next generation of the Brown and Minter offspring mixed with Lee, Hinds, Martin, and Wilson families.

To the newlyweds, I salute you and wish you good health and happiness for the rest of your life. To Tim, I say welcome to the family.

The City Council Must Act With Integrity To Gain Public Trust

The San Bernardino City Council members have a big problem with trusting the management staff they employ however, the council does not have the same problem with the employee unions that contribute to their campaigns.

The city is facing bankruptcy court with adopting a plan to demonstrate that the city has money deficits and is willing to make cuts of $46 million in the budget to illustrate the problem is real. They asked the managers to bring them a plan to get the city in financial order of which the mangers have done. But now we have council members who are taking the position of not in my ward or leave the employees alone and fire the managers. From my math of the city’s problem, if they eliminated every department and manager with the exception of police officers and firefighters, they would still have to lay some of them off.

So my question to this council is if you do not cut in the ward you represent, then which ward should receive the cuts? If you layoff all of your management staff who will be in charge of the city, the employee association? Who will answer the phones, pick up trash, clean city hall, repair streetlights, repair streets or other basic services required by taxpayers? I hear council members Wendy McCammack and Chas Kelley always talking about revenue generating ideas, but I hate to inform them citizens will not pay one more cent to the city unless you act responsible as a trustworthy body.

You want to lay off all of the employees that live in the city and pay taxes while protecting employees who live in other communities and contribute nothing to the city finances. You want to contract out the refuse services but not even discuss other services to outsource. This is irrisresponsible behavior to me as a business owner and taxpayer.

Why should citizens “trust you to do the right thing” when you say get rid of Dorothy Inghram Library and keep a newer one in my ward. Even suggest to use CDGB money for a non-blighted library or continue to support employees that do not live in the city and pay no taxes of any kind.

For the council’s information, some citizens are talking about not paying their utility taxes and the entire council should resign in disgrace. They know that their utilities can not be cut off as long as they pay the utility company and the property owner will be stuck with any liens of non-payment.

Let me suggest to the council, stop trying to be managers of the city and treat your management staff with more respect while approving public policies that would make you appear to be responsible leaders.

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