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Richard Roth for Senator of the 31st District

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By Hardy L. Brown

“I believe there’s one thing our elected leaders can take from our men and women in uniform: public service needs to be about working together to get the job done. It is time to end the partisan games and focus on the critical mission for Riverside County, creating a climate for real job growth.”

This is a statement made by Richard Roth who is seeking your vote to represent the people of Riverside, Moreno Valley and Corona. Richard is a fellow Democrat and knows from his business, community service and service as chairman of the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce, President of the Monday Morning Group, and Riverside Community Hospital board, the needs we have and issues we face in our community. He is a retired Air Force officer with a law degree specializing in employment law. His legal training arms him with the knowledge that businesses have a right to make a profit while employees have a right to organize in the work place.

Richard’s reputation for fairness with employees has earned him the endorsement of the municipal employees association’s (AFSCME) Political & Legislative Director Willie Pelote. He has earned the endorsements of Senator Curren Price, Senator Rod Wright and the California Legislative Black Caucus, which also demonstrates the level of Richard’s commitment to diversity. Like me, they recognize that in order to reduce the 12.6% unemployment rate in our community and bring businesses with sustainable family jobs to our region, it is going to take someone like Richard working with every elected official regardless of party affiliation and local jurisdiction to make that happen. Senator Price in a written statement said: “…Roth is enthusiastically supported by the California Legislative Black Caucus because his election will advance the economic recovery of the Inland Empire where African Americans live, work and play in significant numbers."

Join me in supporting Richard Roth for Senator in the 31st District.

Another Senseless Killing Spree in America

The recent shooting and killing of 12 while wounding 58 people in Colorado by shooter James Holmes has captured the attention of America and caused many to ask the question why? How could a person do that? Where did he get that many weapons with that much ammunition to do that much damage in a few minutes time? This unbelievable incident has caused the public airwaves to be crowed with the conversation focusing on public security, mental health, and gun control.

It has also brought our attention man’s commitment to be “our brother’s keeper” in times of crisis regardless of race, gender, religion, age, politics or status in life, the things we usually get bogged down with in our intellectual entanglement of living everyday.

We need to celebrate the courage of those who tried to save others as we try and make sense of this tragic incident and work to create an environment to minimize these things from happening in the future. It is humanly impossible to prevent these types of events from ever happening because I cannot for the life of me understand why Cain killed Abel. Cain had the whole world at his fingertips so he could have just kept on farming or left home if he despised his brother so much. That murder case is still being debated by biblical scholars around the world, so when we find the answer to that one, we might have the answer to this one.

My prayers are with the families and the people of Colorado.

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