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Joe Baca Jr.’s Past Voting Record In Sacramento Is That Of A Job Killer

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In my editorial last week, I recounted what happened at a recent local democratic central committee meeting when Joe Baca Jr. tried to intimidate me during his allotted two-minute speech, where he faced fellow 47th assembly district candidate Cheryl Brown (and in the interest of full disclosure my wife). He mistakenly attacked me because of my actions in his attempt to attack her as his opponent.

His other comments during his two-minute remarks were about his experience as a teacher, law enforcement employee, and his promise to help create jobs. Like the newsperson that I am, I decided to check out his statements. I was unable to locate his teaching credential on the State of California’s credential website. This does not mean he does not have one, but perhaps he has a special credential as a substitute teacher or a different designation. I just couldn’t find it. And while he was employed with the probation department, that lasted only for a short time. I’m sure he left for a good reason since those are such good jobs.

However, the most interesting finding to me was his actions as a 2-year legislator in Sacramento opposing legislation that would have brought jobs to our area. His record shows that in the year 2005, Joe Jr. voted against job creation bills 60% of the time and 71% of the time in 2006. He voted against manufacturing jobs 81% in 2005 and 90% against them in 2006. His voting record as a past legislator indicates Baca Jr. is a “job killer” and not a creator of jobs.

To quote Laurie Stalnaker of the Central Labor Council of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties as she addressed the San Bernardino City Council on July 2,“what we need are sustainable family jobs in our community. While I am not speaking on behalf of businesses I am addressing the issues of businesses leaving and taking jobs with them,” she concluded. Stalnaker understands that we need leadership to address this area’s high unemployment by attracting businesses with good paying jobs.

At that same meeting, Judi Penman of the San Bernardino Chamber of Commerce spoke before Stalnaker about the need of creating an atmosphere conducive to attracting businesses and seeking ways to keep businesses from leaving the city. She knows a dysfunctional government creates a climate that is detrimental to job creation and elected leaders must be able to work together in a non-threatening environment.

Now with the City of San Bernardino facing possible bankruptcy it is very critical for the citizens to look at all of those individuals seeking office for their potential to help them address this issue. We must ask ourselves who has the personal skills and background of working across political divisions and business experience to help attract and develop businesses to this area with jobs to sustain families.

An active member of the San Bernardino and Riverside Chambers of Commerce Cheryl Brown has a proven track record of helping businesses develop in San Bernardino County as both a planning commissioner for over a decade and small business owner for over three decades. As a planning commissioner for the county of San Bernardino, utilizing her training as an urban planner, Cheryl was instrumental in approving several major developments in the county including the California Speedway. And as a small business owner with offices in both San Bernardino and Riverside, Cheryl has been recognized by outside entities for her business leadership including her recent acknowledgement as an outstanding Inland Empire family business at the Spirit of the Entrepreneur program hosted by Cal State San Bernardino’s College of Business and earlier this year being honored by the Inland Empire chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners with its coveted Legacy Award.

The Inland Empire cannot afford to take a chance by reelecting a ‘job killer” to represent us in Sacramento. Our local city and county governments need someone they can count on. Someone they can talk to who understands the issues. They need someone who will properly represent them and fight for all citizens of the Inland Empire.

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