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By Hardy L. Brown

For the first time in California voting history we will get the chance to vote for any candidate of any political party and no one knows what to expect. It is exciting to see what the voters will do as some are faced with trying to elect the right person to do the job they want done in Sacramento or Washington. They will have to decide on qualifications, leadership, accessibility and independence from lobbyist or family influence in the decision making process once the person is elected. Which candidate will help create jobs in the community as opposed to a politician looking or wanting to keep a job. Which candidate will be more inclusive of representing everyone’s needs in their district regardless of race, gender, religious beliefs or political affiliations? Which candidate will fight for what is right for the Inland Empire regardless of pressure being applied from outside forces? Which candidate will be the voice of those who have lost their voice from being unemployed, ill from age, loss of their homes, have a small business with too many regulations and no accessibility to funds for expansion?

Having said that, I am offering these individuals as my choice for you to consider in putting our community in the best position to move FORWARD.

Barack Obama for President

Dianne Feinstein for US Senator

Riverside County Bill Batey for the 61st Assembly District Unemployment is one of our area’s greatest problems and Bill Batey in my opinion is the best qualified to help focus attention on this problem. His small business ownership experience would bring new jobs to the Inland Empire. Steve Clute for 31st Senate District Steve has the experience and knows how to get things done for the voters from his years of working with former Speaker of the Assembly Willie Brown. Even out of office Steve has been active throughout the region.

John Tavaglione for 41st Congressional District My relationship of the Tavaglione family goes back to the late Tom Bradley for governor and George Brown running for congress days of active political elections. His service as a county supervisor has been outstanding and when elected will help make policies that will generate job growth to the Inland Empire.

Bob Buster for County Supervisor Bob Buster has proven his support for job growth and business development in the county of Riverside and deserves our support. Judge Craig Riemer for Superior Court Integrity is the main ingredient of being a judge and Judge Reimer has demonstrated that during his tenure on the bench. Judge Reimer’s record is beyond reproach and deserves your continued support.

Ed Adkison for Mayor of Riverside I was not going to endorse in this race because of my relationship with a few of the candidates. However, after reviewing the business plan offered by Ed and my knowledge of him as a councilman during the time of Tyisha Miller, Ed is the best choice for the city. We are in dire need of job creation and improving the access for businesses to succeed an important factor in Riverside’s growth.

San Bernardino County Cheryl Brown for 47th Assembly District Cheryl Brown has the experience and knowledge to bring people of different political persuasions together for the building of greater economic growth for the people of the Inland Empire.

Gloria Negrete McLeod for 35th Congressional District Gloria McLeod has and continues to serve the people of her current senatorial district very well. She knows how to bring people together of different diverse backgrounds which are much needed in our communities. She is smart and works tireless for her constituents. Renea Wickman for 31st Congressional District Renea has experience organizing and working with a diverse group of people from the Redlands community over the past twelve years with much success and will help unify this new district. Josie Gonzales for County Board of Supervisors

My friend Josie has surprised many people in the county who thought she was not up to providing leadership to a county with a tainted reputation. She has proven to them and others that she is a unifier of people and a stern leader while bring industry into the county. James Ramos for County Board of Supervisors

James Ramos will add a new dimension and dynamic to the board of supervisors with his experience as a Indian Tribal Leader and community college trustee. His election will also lift up the culture and contribution of Indians across the nation especially in the Inland Empire.

47th Democratic Central Committee

Lynn Lee; Marcus Houston; Lillie Houston; Sara Garcia and Michael Gomez Daly


Yes on Proposition 28

No on Proposition 29

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