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Re-elect Josie Gonzales as 5th District County Supervisor

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By Hardy L. Brown

Josie Gonzales has surpassed my expectations of what one person could do as an Elected County Board of Supervisor. When you think of San Bernardino County’s image for corruption and growing tensions between race relations of Latinos and African Americans, Josie has quieted some of those fears down.

Before she was elected and taking the gavel as Chairman of the Board, we could hear everyday of another scandal erupting in the county government like a volcano spewing out hot lava. These scandals came from elected officials on the board or a high-level management staff being arrested. Chairman Gonzales buckled down to guide us through all of this uncertainty to give us confidence in our government once again. Her steady hand of justice has led to bringing those criminals to justice for the citizens of the county.

While all of that was going on, the community found issues with the allocation of grants coming from the First 5 agency as it related to race and service to children from birth to five years of age. Gonzales did not shy away from the problems but rolled up her sleeves, (so to speak) and with her vice chair Cheryl Brown, weighed in to do the heavy lifting of meeting with staff and community members. She made staff corrections, brought in a new staff, and changed policies to the satisfaction of the Commissioners and community thus restoring faith in the allocation of grants throughout the county.

If that was not enough on her plate, one elected member of congress from the area was beating the war drum of racial division between Blacks and Latinos for which Josie found distasteful and would take no part in. She withstood the darts thrown at her from some who like to bully and use strong-armed tactics to get their way. She rose above those petty political strategies and has brought us closer together as a people without denying her heritage or culture. As a matter of fact, people of different races light up when Josie enters the room, she brings joy and hope to those she touch.

One might ask how she does it. I believe it is from her deep belief in God and people. She does not mind sharing her faith while respecting your religious beliefs. She believes in the good of people until you show her another side, then she can be tough. She has a good sense of what it takes to be a good steward of the people’s money, something she learned from having her own business.

Join me in helping to re-elect Josie Gonzales to the 5th District County Board of Supervisors.

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