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The Political Season is Once Again Upon Us

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The political season will get into full swing beginning the first week of March until June 5th as seasoned candidates and some new faces work hard to earn your vote. The Inland Empire will see many seeking to provide our area with positive leadership that will give us a clear and respectful voice in Washington, Sacramento and in city council chambers around the region. Some will be running to remain employed, while others will be seeking a job at taxpayer’s expense. Some will be running to keep a family name alive. It will be up to the voters to select those candidates who will represent the best interest of the people because we have many needs in the Inland Empire.

We have witnessed what can happen with just the stroke of a pen, as we saw redevelopment disappear from the control of local government back into the hands of Sacramento. We have seen our unemployment rates and health care benefits and cost go up and down by many decisions in Washington. We have neighbors whose homes have gone into foreclosure while others are just holding on by a thread. We have heard and seen some political candidates want to rid employees of the right to organize into unions or blame organized labor for mismanaged companies or governments.

We have some public schools that have not performed up to higher standards or the dissatisfaction of parents with children in under-funded schools with some seeking solace in chartered schools with some success. We also have noticed that not all charter schools are into educating children but seeking to bring money into private pockets so parents have to investigate before signing up their children.

We have witnessed racism creep into national campaigns with Governor Jan Brewer pointing her finger in the face of President Barack Obama and sexism with an all-male panel discussing what is best for women and their family planning programs. On the local level we have heard of some who believe that the last name is the only thing a voter should be interested in and not what a candidate can do for the people. However, we are getting feedback that these ideas are losing because people are interested in getting a job, better schools, and access to better health care at affordable cost and greater opportunity to create a business to serve our communities.

The Black Voice News will have endorsements in some major races during the primary while we will wait until the general election in others. We will gather as much information about the people seeking office as possible to help you the voters make an intelligent decision before voting day.

So get ready to engage yourself in order to help Build Better Communities through our election process. Some things you can do to help build a better community is register to vote, volunteer in a campaign and contribute to the candidate of your choice. If some tell you that your vote does or will not count tell them that just this month Gigi Hanna, a candidate for city clerk, won her election by two votes in the City of San Bernardino. Every vote does count and will be counted.

Register and vote.

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