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President Obama Set the Right Tone for Leadership

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President Barack Obama went on the hill to the House of Representatives for the third time to deliver his State of the Union Address to the people of America. I noticed something different in him that was not in his previous two addresses. If you remember the first time out, someone yelled from the congressional galley “you are a liar”. Obama carried on with his speech as though nothing had happened but the whole world knew it was disrespectful for a congressperson to heckle the president. Yet Obama went on trying to work across the aisles with a group of people who did not want to work with him. The second year, congress was even more determined to not work with him as the “tea party people” dug in their heels led by Congressman Eric Cantor of Virginia; who took the position don’t work with President Obama on any issues. Their motto “Make Obama a one-term President” at all costs even if the country comes to a stand still.

I saw in President Obama’s posture and tone a confidence with or without you, I am going to lead this country for the good of the people. You can call me names like ‘food stamp president” like Newt Gingrich has in order to motivate the racially conscious people of his political party that cannot stand Obama. You can make fun of Black Americans who have helped build and protect this country like the Red Tail Tuskegee Airmen of World War II, yet I am going to lead.

His tone and message was: there is something wrong when a billionaire like Warren Buffet pays less taxes than his salaried secretary. There is something wrong in America when Wall Street millionaires mess up the country’s finances, sending millions of middle class citizens into poverty, get a bailout by the remaining taxpayers and do not want government to regulate them.

There is something wrong in America when we pay or give tax breaks to corporations for taking jobs out of the country yet allow them to sell their products in America. It is time we give tax breaks to companies that want to start and expand their companies here at home because American workers are still the best and most productive workers in the world.

It is time we invest in the education of our young people without them being burdened with enormous debts after finishing college. We cannot send our citizens into harms way and when they return home ignore their mental, physical, and employment needs. We have cared for our veterans in the past with the GI Bill and we will do it again, with or without you congress. Obama reminded them that our military forces are the greatest in the world by citing that special units who went after and took out Osama Bin Laden and other leaders of Al Qaeda making Americans safer.

He informed them he will not retreat from every American having access to health care or having citizens removed from insurance plans at the whim of executives. Every American deserves to be paid a decent wage and women paid equal pay for doing the same job as men.

His tone reminded me of when I played baseball and faced a new fastball pitcher who struck me out my first two times at bat. In between innings, I studied his motions, arm delivery and how he treated other batters. Needless to say my third time up there were two men on base and we were down one run in the eighth inning. I unloaded with a triple down the right field line. I did not try and pull him but went with the flow of his power. In the case of Obama he went with what they know and understand: I will use my power as president to care for this country with or without you. I will use executive authority.

If you want to send me bills that meet the needs of the American middle class and poor, I will sign them and this is not class warfare he stated. I was impressed with the tone and substance of his message.

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