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California, Why Do We Treat The Future Generation So Bad?

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Our children do not have a say on being born, who their parents and next of kin will be, whether they will take shots for better health, nor if they want to go to school or not. There are a lot of other things children have to do without having a say or choice in the decision, yet we expect them to participate in what we decide. We elect political leaders with or without children who sometimes use our children as political pawns on a chessboard.

This is currently what is happening with the state budget if voters do not agree to raise taxes. Our children’s education will suffer. This is horrible for a society of people who passed laws that our children must go to school or in some district the parents will be put in jail if the kids are not in school. We label them bad, irresponsible parents and child abusers.

On the federal level we have people running for president, who say if they are elected they would abolish the department of education. On many local levels, we have school boards who say pay me to serve with superintendents, administrators, teachers, classified employees saying pay me and rightfully so. We have some school grounds with no landscape, children walking farther and farther to get to school or no crossing guards to help small children cross busy and dangerous streets. We eliminate some extra curricular activities from the school agenda and tell them go and learn.

Now mind you corporations and other institutions of higher learning know how important comfort and environment plays in an employee performing well and being able to study and learn. Our stock market does not do well when uncertainty is in the air around their finances. Our gas prices go up when Iran or some other country in the Middle East makes a loud noise. Every time a new executive takes over a company, presidency, governorship, mayor, or school district, the first thing they want to do is make it comfortable for them by changing the environment.

All of these things are good and needed so why do we not want the same for the children we bring into the world and force to go to school. Why don’t we make it a law that our government must spend a certain portion on K-12 education regardless of how much money we take in, in taxes? We need to make sure that every business has to pay a certain portion of their profits toward education since this is the recruiting field for employees.

I am not advocating the same kind of public funding for higher learning because no law requires any adult to go to school, thus a different combination of public, private funding should be undertaken.

I bring this topic up because we refer to our children as the future generation with some parents working hard, saving money so they can leave their children an inheritance of some kind for a better life. Yet every year, we toss our children under the bus because of inability to manage the state budget. Our K-12 system of education deserves better than each year their teachers being faced with lay off notices, school boards being faced with having to cut from school extra curricular activities such as art or sports, or telling parents you must drive your kid to school because we do not have transportation or enough money to pay for crossing guards. And each year, the children are tasked with raising their own funds for extra curricular activities or events through school fundraisers and who suffers? Our kids today, may not know how to read, write, add or subtract effectively, but they do acquire great salesmanship skills.

I served on the school board of San Bernardino for twelve years and can recall only one time students came before us requesting something. They came to ask for lockers to put their heavy books in that we purchased, so they would not have to shoulder them around campus. We suggested they have their parents buy them backpacks. These were our top students that had done the proper research with the benefits of how this would help them be better students.

Now we have Governor Brown saying to us parents pay up or we will cut education instead of saying to the legislators, we are not going home until we solve permanent funding for our K-12 children of California out of the money we have. We will not treat our future generation like second class children.

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