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Do Not Forget Election Day, November 8th

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All elections are important and this one is no different for the candidates or voters. I have expressed my opinion on the candidates of my choice but would like to point out a few things more on a few of the issues at stake in the City of San Bernardino.

I read in the October 31st edition of The Sun newspaper a statement by challenger John Valdivia of Tobin Brinker for the third ward council seat. Valdivia was asked “what is the most pressing problem in your ward and what have you done to address the problem? He started with bring jobs in the 3rd ward and concluded with this statement. “I am committed to our local economy and shop local, eat local, and encourage others to do the same in our city, San Bernardino.”

The hypocrisy of that answer is Valdivia is funded by the police and firefighters who work in the city and live in other cities. These two groups export over $40 million dollars each and every year to other local cities where they shop in local businesses, eat in local restaurants, buy homes from local realtors, pay local property taxes, support local schools, and support local chambers of commerce.

So Valdivia’s program sounds like a good economic program for other cities of the Inland Empire but will do nothing to help the citizens of the 3rd ward if his outside funding supporters have anything to do with his policies.

The other candidates to watch out for are Jim Penman and Amelia Sanchez.

These two are so closely joined at the hip that they even put their names on the same yard signs as independent City Attorney and City Clerk, which are two separate public positions. Again this is being funded in part by the police and firefighters association because Penman gives legal opinions on police and firefighters pay, pension, and grievance issues and you know who keeps the official records for the city, yes, the city clerk.

Riverside School Board
PATRICIA LOCKE-DAWSON - While Patricia is new at campaigning she is not new to the community or education. She has a good history of community involvement that will serve her well as a school board member. Her involvement with education is extensive having three children currently enrolled in elementary, middle and high school in the district. Most board members interest are different when your children are students, I know my interest was different. With a district as divided as Riverside, it is refreshing to see a candidate committee to “provide a quality education to ALL students” as part of their platform.

TOM HUNT & GAYLE CLOUD- Tom Hunt and Gayle Cloud are seeking reelection and deserve re-election. They have provided leadership during these tough financial times while keeping student’s academic a top priority. Tom as president and Gayle as clerk have helped guide the district during these tough times while maintaining steady growth in academics.

Perris School Board
VIRNIECIA GREEN-JORDAN - For Perris School Board I am recommending our friend Virniecia Green-Jordan, who has served the children with distinction. She is an advocate not only in the district and community but at the state level with the California School Board Association and Black School Board Members Association. She understands that children cannot vote so she interfaces with state elected officials on their behalf to develop policies to improve education for everyone including staff. She might be known as the hat lady but she is also an advocate for children.

Banning School Board
DEBORAH DUKES - Deborah Dukes is seeking re-election in Banning and deserves your support to help her provide a better education for our children. She wants all children to have the same kind of opportunities she is giving her daughter, Diondra now attending Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee and graduated from Banning High. Deborah is very active in her community serving on several organizations, boards, and as church administrator for 1st Missionary Baptist Church.

Alvord School Board
BEN JOHNSON - Ben Johnson is putting children first as he has done since serving on Alvord Unified School Board. His service to children and the community has earned him recognition as outstanding citizen award for Riverside county and volunteer of the year from JC Penney Points of Lights program. He has received other awards but his mission is to provide every child in the district with the opportunity to succeed by improving academic scores in a safe environment.

San Bernardino City Unified School Board
- Margaret Hill has retired form the district as a teacher and principal. During her tenure she picked up the reputation of being a mother to all children. She would go to students’ home and get them. She would give them a lift home if need be. She would find them shelter if they needed it. She would give them food if they were hungry.

I remember taking a group of clergy members to her school and I saw her give confidence to students who did not believe in themselves. Most people in Margaret’s position would retire and go traveling and be home with family; but no, Margaret sees children and says, I can help. She puts children first.

LYNDA SAVAGE - Lynda Savage is currently serving on the board and has contributed a lot to this district. I served with Lynda and know firsthand her commitment to students, staff, and community. Lynda knows how to work together with others to get the mission accomplished. Lynda, like Margaret Hill, could retire and leave others to fight for all students but being a trained educator she cares too much for a community that helps contribute to her families success. We need her level headed thinking to help guide these 52,000 students as they prepare for tomorrow. Lynda has always put the children first.

JUAN LOPEZ - Juan Lopez is a new start on the horizon and will help develop this district into a shining example of what I know it can become. This young man is a product of the community and district and is now in a position to take the knowledge gained as District Representative for Assembly Member Wilmer Amina Carter. His experience can help explain the intricacies of Sacramento to fellow board members for the betterment of all students. Juan also has three children currently attending school in the district and his wife is a teacher, so education is a top priority in his family. Juan is a collaborative working young man and works well with all segments of the community and will foster an atmosphere of togetherness when it comes to diversity. Juan believes all students must be prepared with the skills to compete as citizens in this competitive society.

MIKE GALLO - Mike Gallo an Aerospace Engineer has done some exciting things to engage children in education. Mike said, “we must inspire and engage our students with hands-on, applied learning strategies, from the onset of their educational journey, to equip them with the knowledge and skills that prepare them to participate in the American Dream and excel in the 21st Century Workplace.” Mike is correct, our students are in competition with children in other countries for jobs that will require a high level of education. His approach of bringing relevance and application of education to life experience is needed in our school system. His experience in the aerospace industry and community will assist the board to remain focus on providing the curriculum necessary to accomplish that mission.

San Bernardino City Council
RIKKE VAN JOHNSON - Rikke Van Johnson of the 6th Ward has no challenger because he has done a good job while keeping the voters of his ward tied into the communication loop. Rikke also recognizes that he was not sent to be a mouthpiece for employee unions or to be intimidated by other elected officials like the city attorney. He has shown respect for all city employees and the contribution they make to the city regardless of position or department.

TOBIN BRINKER - I first meet Tobin Brinker several years ago and was impressed with his commitment to children and the community. Since his election to the city council that opinion has not changed but has grown stronger from my observations of his actions at the council meetings. He has held his ground when it comes to addressing issues facing the city regardless of opposition from employee unions or the city attorney while being respectful of their opinion. The people of the 3rd Ward should reelect Tobin Brinker for the good work he does and the positive leadership he provides the city.

JIM MULVIHILL - The residents of the 7th Ward can help the city by electing Jim Mulvihill as their representative. Jim is well educated and would bring a much needed civil demeanor to the council that will help move the city forward. In addition Jim has some great ideas to improve the business community image and increase traffic flow of customers. His urban planning training is what the city could use now to help with the redevelopment of a city that needs a facelift.

LARRY LEE - Elect Larry Lee for a change in the seat of the 5th ward. This life-long resident of the city wants civility at city hall with no new taxes or raising fees. He recognizes that with cooperation at city hall, we can bring jobs and people back into the city. He says to change the image of the city we must start with how we think about the city which includes beautification and safety of the streets. Larry is also a strong believer in volunteering as well as providing spiritual leadership to his church family. He has been married for over 40 years with children and grandchildren. Lee is a graduate of San Bernardino High School.

San Bernardino City Clerk
ESTHER JIMENEZ - Esther grew up in San Bernardino with roots dating back to the 1800’s and currently is employed by Assembly Member Wilmer Amina Carter. Her training researching legislative legislation in Sacramento uniquely qualifies her as a keeper of records. She is well educated with an AA from San Bernardino Valley College and a BA from UC Riverside. Make Esther your next City Clerk in San Bernardino.

San Bernardino City Attorney
DAVID MCKENNA - David McKenna has been out of politics for sometime but has tossed his hat into the race for city attorney. I know David from his days on the county board of supervisors and that as public defender for the county of San Bernardino. There is no doubt in my mind that David would make a good attorney for the city but would provide positive leadership to a department that has witnessed too much political accusations and intimidation toward others and the public from its current occupant.

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