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Our Government of the People is in the Voters Hands

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November 8th is Election Day and the voters will have the opportunity to change the policy direction of school boards and city governments. In our schools we have some high dropout rates that need to be reduced. We have achievement gaps that need to be closed. We have a low college going rate of graduates that needs to increase. We need to have more students graduate with higher academic achievements that will meet entrance requirements of our universities and California State Colleges and a skill set that will make them employable. We need to do a better job of preparing our students for the life they face and school board members are the beginning of that process.

We have city governments in need of leaders that can help attract and build a community that every citizen can thrive. We need cities where people are respected by their elected officials, city employees regardless of ones economic status or educational level. We need cities where people are safe and businesses look forward to doing business with their neighbors. We need cities where the elected officials put aside personal differences for the good of the city. We need cities where elected officials give great thought to the policies being made and the impact it will have on the service being provided.

We need city employee associations that understand it is the public that pay their salaries and expect good service from them. We need city employees to understand that no one group of employees deserves all of the funds while other services are eliminated.

In the City of San Bernardino, the firefighters and police must understand that you might buy elected officials but it is the taxpayers who ultimately pay the bill and once they say enough is enough, the party will be over. Once the voters recognize the city is on a collision course with bankruptcy they will demand a repeal of Charter Section 186 of salary guarantee and one hundred percent city paid retirement pension plans. Once the voters understand that you get 100% pay while out on disability and cannot be ordered back to work but can still work a part-time job with another employer, your paid council member will not be able to save you.

I say to the voters of San Bernardino that over 40 million dollars of your money is given over to other city governments by firefighters and police officers who say they are afraid to live in a city where they work. They say they are committed to community policing but my plan is for more “police and firefighters living in the community”. To me this is the best community safety program you could offer.

For the past two months, candidates have been going to coffees and town hall meetings with citizens to tell their story and ask for their vote. Some citizens have already caste their vote while others will do it at the polling booth. As always we like to offer you our recommendation of candidates we think will provide good leadership for the people:

Riverside School Board
Patricia Locke-Dawson
Tom Hunt
Gayle Cloud

Perris School Board
Virniecia Green-Jordan

Banning School Board
Deborah Dukes

Alvord School Board
Ben Johnson

San Bernardino School Board
Margaret Hill
Lynda Savage
Juan Lopez
Mike Gallo

San Bernardino City Council
Rikke Van Johnson
Tobin Brinker
Jim Mulvihill
Larry Lee

San Bernardino City Clerk
Esther Jimenez

San Bernardino City Attorney
David McKenna


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