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President Obama, Where is the African American Stimulus Program?

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“It is not whining or complaining you hear from the Black community Mr. President but the growling of hungry stomachs of our children with unemployed parents.”

Last weekend President Obama spoke at the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) annual closing dinner. The CBC is grateful to have the president come because for years they were not afforded that favor from the White House under other presidents other than Bill Clinton. So I know how grateful they are to have him come to address their prestigious overflowing crowd of proud African Americans.

President Obama gave a very good speech of what he has and is trying to do which was well received by those in attendance. However, it was his last few remarks that some took exception with when he said, “stop your whining and complaining” and let us get the job done of getting the country back on track. Everyone knew what he was talking about but some took it to mean be quiet while supporting what I am doing.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters responded the next day and said that she did not know who the president was talking about and some have criticized her for saying that. Maxine does not need anyone to defend what she says but like Bo Diddly sang in his song “I believe the wo-man is right.”

The Black voters gave President Obama over 97% of their vote and stood proud to do it and will do it again in the 2012 election. Since that time we have not marched, protested or made a fuss over what he has done. We know that he inherited a pure mess from President Bush and the cronies on Wall Street. We even agreed that he should help stabilize the economy and take care of National Security, and he got Osama bin Laden. We have watched congressman and now candidates call him a liar. We have listened to Rush Limbaugh say, “I hope you fail man-child Obama.” We have heard Senator Mitch McDonnel say, “I want him to be a one term president,” even if it means bringing the country to a stand still. Believe it or not that is the way some southern White men have been raised when it involves Blacks.

We have watched organized labor, our friends that marched with us during the great civil rights days of the fifties and sixties, argue for greater benefits and inclusion into the stimulus dollars. We have watched General Motors and Chrysler fight for stimulus money to keep them afloat. We have watched money flow from our treasury into banks, even when they did not want it, to keep them from going under. We have watched Wall Street executives make millions in salaries after we saved them, from a mess they created. We have watched President Obama try and comprise with John Boehner and Eric Cantor who wish him no good. We have watched other groups that supported him demand their attention, yet not a word from the White House to stop your complaining.

Mr. President let me tell you what you are hearing from the Black community. With the unemployment rate of only 8% for everyone and over 16.7% for Blacks, that is hungry stomachs you hear growling in the Black community. For Black men 20 years of age and over the unemployment is 18.0% and for our women of the same age it is 13.4%, that is hungry stomachs you hear growling in the Black community. For our youth 16 to 19 years of age, the unemployment rate is 46.5% nationwide, it is hungry stomachs you hear growling in the Black community. With 27.4% of Blacks living below the poverty level and more Black children being added each day, it is the growling of hungry stomachs that we hear in our community.

Is it your fault, not entirely, but you need to tell these say no officials you will not continue to go along with their agenda while another child goes hungry in America. I told my son during the debt ceiling fiasco that if you give in to them they would not give up but want more. I told him of the time my dad killed our dog for attacking a chicken. I asked my dad why did you kill the dog? He responded once it tasted the blood of the chicken it will keep on attacking, so I took care of it. What have the republicans done since? Attack, attack, attack and complain and whine about what they want. Those who received stimulus money before, what have they done? They are asking again. Each time you give, African Americans fall farther and farther behind.

So Mr. President what you are hearing coming from the Black community is growling stomachs waiting for our leaders and government propped up corporations to re-engage in employing African Americans or giving us some stimulus programs.

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0 # Guest 2011-10-04 11:44
What does Mr Brown expect Obama to do? Do you give the people fish to eat? Or do you teach them to fish for themselves. Goverment must not "create" jobs out of thin air and incur more debt.
0 # Guest 2011-09-29 17:33
Mr. Brown I am not one of the hungry black in America now but I remember as a child being hungry, it hurt my heart when you say the sound of hungry stomach in the black communities
-1 # Guest 2011-09-29 12:49
are they paying you,maxine waters cornell west where were you before obama became president on this issue, and where are you now in getting our people jobs we've always had to put on our marching shoes to help our people and yes ms waters we still wear slippers and no problem taking them off when called to put on our marching shoes. its people like you that when we had the house the senate and the white house and we couldn't get 60 votes we have the gop, teaparty, talk radio host ,fox news and this lead me to believe that our president is trying to help the poor, the middle class and the blacks why els would they fight him so heard and call him those dirty names hateful names.people are hurting what are you doing tell us what you are doing to help your people,the middle class, the old, the young, am sick of this please help our people
+1 # Guest 2011-09-29 11:26
"The Black voters gave President Obama over 97% of their vote and stood proud to do it and will do it again in the 2012 election."

Honey, I dont think so. Im staying home in 2012.

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