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Parents of Colton School District and Crossing Guards

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A new school year has started and some of the districts are struggling from tight budgets and some services have been placed on the cut list like crossing guards. The Colton Joint Unified School District has cut this service from its budget and now parents are trying to find ways they can help their small children safely cross busy streets and intersections while going to and coming from school. The district has been able to save $244,854 a year with the elimination of crossing guards.

According to an article in The San Bernardino Sun, some parents are volunteering while others have gone to the cities of Colton and Grand Terrace only to be told their financial troubles are the same, no funds. In Fontana, they were told they paid half of surrounding districts crossing guards cost, however, the parents do not have their half in Colton.

The parents who are volunteering are finding that the “liability issue” is another barrier to them wanting to do the service.

This situation caught my attention because I never thought of this as an issue until I was faced with it as a school board member. It is a serious problem for a parent faced with sending their small child to elementary school and they have to cross a major four-lane street in two directions or cross a busy street during rush hour in the morning.

I would encourage the parents to organize a meeting of all decision makers such as school board members, city council, business leaders, service organizations to find a way to help the children of the community get to and from school safely.

It was this issue that prompted me to seek meetings with the city council when I was a school board member. For you see, they had responsibility for the streets and parents paid for all our services through taxes. What I found out was everyone was concerned about the safety of children in the city and a win-win solution was found. Everyone knew a child hit by a car was more costly than any savings or bad publicity in the city. Just think about it. Is a child’s life worth only $244,854? Parents do not give up and officials take another look at your budgets.

I Am Open To Hear What LULAC Is Saying About Redistricting In The County

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) came to town last week and held a small news conference in front of the county government building, to express their concerns over the newly proposed drawn five supervisorial district lines. Their concerns centered around not having all five districts having a majority, over 50.1% Hispanic population instead of the three districts. Joining LULAC at the news conference was Congressman Joe Baca, Sr.

They cited that the newly drawn lines were in violation of the voting rights act that African Americans fought so hard to pass in the 60’s from a determined White minority of people who did not want us to have a voting block. It was during the civil rights movement that many Blacks marched, were beaten, put in jail, bitten by dogs and killed to have this right to vote and not be gerrymander about in any district. I say all of that to say I can understand why and what LULAC is saying. However, we only have five supervisorial districts and the Latino population is over 50.1% in three of them without dividing up cities, communities of interest or in my opinion violating any groups voting rights.

Now I might be missing something that LULAC is seeing and I am open to hear what that is so no ones rights are violated. We only get the opportunity to draw these lines for governance every ten years so we want to get it right because Blacks have been a victim in the past from special interest and segregationist seeking power as elected officials.

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