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Cheryl Brown for Assembly 2012?

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My wife Cheryl is considering running for the new assembly district after being asked repeatedly by constituents if she would. The next question is usually, “If you run, what about Hardy? What would he think? Most of you know, if I could run I would, but the truth is Cheryl is better qualified than I would be for the assembly especially during these trying times for local government. Her education, training, service to the community and experience with local government are all much more extensive than mine.

Our Assembly District is in need of an “Educated and Trained Fighter” like Cheryl Brown. She is not a newcomer to the community but has been a resident for over 50 years, grew up in this community, graduated from San Bernardino High School, San Bernardino Valley College and Cal State University San Bernardino with a degree in Geography, Urban Planning.

This has led her to be employed as a planner with the county of San Bernardino and to serve as a Planning Commissioner with the city and county, eventually serving on the state of California’s Planning Commissioners Association. Cheryl knows what type of businesses need to come to the Inland Area and what type of incentives will attract them. She knows how to work in a collaborative way with elected officials in order to get things done.

With our district unemployment rate exceeding the state average of 12% we are in need of someone who “knows how to create jobs” not someone running because they need a job. For over 30 years Cheryl has created jobs as a small business owner and worked with developers to ensure their projects successful approval in order to bring jobs to our community.

Long before redevelopment became a statewide issue, Cheryl was elected by the public to the 6th Ward Northwest Redevelopment Project Area Committee and she not only understands, but appreciates the value of local citizens having input into business development in their area.

Cheryl understands the role of teachers and parents in the education of our young children. She was a teacher of physically and mentally challenged children at the School Of Hope as well as being a substitute teacher in the San Bernardino City Unified School District. She guided four children and three of her eight grand children through the public education system. To increase parental involvement, she served as chair of the district parent advisor council and trained parents on their community responsibilities and political accountability. She even had the parents withhold their support, in one particular situation, until the district would agree to their demand. That is one reason I can say unequivocally that she is an educated trained fighter.

When there were no preschool centers serving the low income population in our community, Cheryl joined with Donna Uhl of the YWCA and created a preschool at the old Kellogg Library on Baseline and Medical Center Drive. When the library on Medical Center Drive closed and was headed to becoming another unsightly building in our community, she approached the city to give her the building, which she then turned over to Rev. Elijah Singletary who now has his church located there. She is a fighter and sharer of good fortune.

When Graciano Gomez retired from the San Bernardino school board and wanted to start his own newspaper, he and his wife Trina called Cheryl for advice on what was involved in operating a weekly newspaper. Cheryl, who had been running her own weekly newspaper – The Black Voice News - for several years, met with them and shared all she knew about operating a weekly newspaper, including the satisfaction of being your own boss and advocating on behalf of the voiceless, thus was born the Inland Empire Hispanic News.

When the senior citizens of St. Paul AME Church were being ignored she created the Wednesday Senior Gleaners Club. When racial tension was in the air of the city she spearheaded the National Counsel of Negro Women (NCNW) section to work with the Inland Area Urban League and the YWCA to hold sensitivity sessions called “Let’s Work Together.” When he saw a need for Girl Scouts, she helped form troupes along with Estella Lopez in the Latino and African American communities.

Recently a situation came before the city council in San Bernardino and Cheryl advocated on behalf of all weekly publications even though they were not present nor did they ask her to do so. That is the kind of fighter and person she is; you do not have to be in the room for her to fight for you. She would the same for you in Sacramento as your assembly member.

Continuing to fight, Cheryl is currently the president of the local NAACP branch.

So why don’t you contact her and encourage her to run since right now there seems to be a desperate need for good government.

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-1 # Guest 2011-08-12 07:24
Run CHERYL>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>
0 # Guest 2011-08-11 21:49
Run Queen Cheryl,
What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? Roman 8:31
I will help in any way that you need me.
+1 # Guest 2011-08-11 20:12
I'll vote for Her , if she's running again'st Flubber JOE BACA. We just need to get rid of that man. And you look like you've got the talent.

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