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My Position on the Debt Ceiling If I were President

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Everyone has an opinion on this issue of raising the debt ceiling because it sounds as though every citizen alive and unborn for a couple of generations might be affected by it.

My opinion is President Obama should issue an Executive Order and raise the ceiling on Sunday night and let congress try and over turn it if they can. I would say “as the president of this great nation I cannot afford to allow our debts to go unpaid and ruin our reputation around the world. I cannot take the chance of our military and their families fighting to protect us go unpaid. I cannot take the chance to have our seniors on whose shoulders we stand not have their checks paid. I cannot take the chance of having our working employee population lose another dime from their 401k because Congressman Eric Cantor and the Tea Party members are acting like ‘suicide bombers’.”

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“I issue this Executive Order even if it means I will only serve one term. I issue this Executive Order today to protect our credit rating and to prevent every citizen from having to pay higher interest rates when borrowing money. I issue this Executive Order to protect the most vulnerable of our society, the ones who have made the greatest sacrifice for our freedom. I issue this Executive Order in the spirit of the story told in Luke 21 of the woman who gave two coins as compared to the gifts of the wealthy.”

We have some wealthy people who are eager and willing to give more but the Tea Party people are against them as well.

However, if I were president I would issue the Executive Order and let congress take me to court. In the meantime the country would move on solving other problems like creating jobs for the millions out of work.

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