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Blacks are on the Move to Riverside and San Bernardino Counties

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“On the road again, I just can’t wait to get on the road again. The life I love is making music with my friends. And I can’t wait to get on the road again. Goin’ places I’ve never been, seein’ things I may never see again. And I can’t wait to get on the road again, on the road again.”
Willie Nelson

In California, African Americans are on the move again according to the U.S. Census Department. Over 54, 000 left the state to greener pastures because the gold in them there hills has been hard to find and those that found it moved so they could keep it. For the 2,249,404 left behind or decideding to stay, they like making music with their friends so they migrated from the large cities into places like Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

San Bernardino County is now home to 176,123 Blacks, a gain of over 20,000 and Riverside county now has 124,960 an increase of 28,528 calling Riverside their home.

This is the way things are shaking out in the two counties and cities when it comes to where we live:

San Bernardino County
176,125 (8.9%) of the population

San Bernardino City - 32,374 - (16.3%)
Fontana - 17,902 - (9.7%)
Victorville - 16,792 - (16.4%)
Rialto City - 16,104 - (16.4%)
Rancho Cucamonga - 13,696 - (8.1%)
Ontario - 13,676 - (8.0%)
Apple Valley - 7,405 - (10.8%)
Colton - 5,978 - (11.8%)
Chino - 5,046 - (6.3%)
Upland - 4,962 - (6.5%)
Highland - 4,893 - (9.6%)
Upland - 4,962 - (6.5%)
Adelanto - 4,820 - (17.9%)
Hesperia - 4,333 - (5.2%)
Barstow - 3,813 - (15.6%)
Redlands - 3,746 - (5.4%)
Chino Hills - 3,454 - (4.7%)
Montclair - 1,397 - (3.9%)

Riverside County
124,960 (6.1%) of the population

Moreno Valley - 32,493 - (17.7%)
Riverside City - 20,266 - (7.0%)
Corona - 9,154 - (6.2%)
Perris - 6,238 - (12.0%)
Murrieta - 4,958 - (5.3%)
Temecula - 3,542 - (3.5%) Hemet - 2,782 - (4.0%)
Palm Springs - 2,321 - (4.9%)
Lake Elsinore - 2,176 - (4.7%)
Desert Hot Springs - 1,864 - (8.2%)
Norco - 1,821 - (6.8%)
Banning - 1,726 (6.0%)
Indio - 1,445 - (1.8%)

Since the 2000 census 49,305 more Blacks call the Inland Empire home and most came from Los Angeles County which lost 68,436 during this ‘on the move again’ movement. This gives us an opportunity to make music together and share the richness of the culture of others. For example: over the past fifty years Native Americans, Latinos, Whites and Blacks have learned to form political coalitions to elect each other into office for the betterment of the community. And now that a new census has caused new political lines and districts to be drawn, it will give us a new opportunity with new people to continue that tradition.

Also this movement has produced internal movement within each city. To give a few examples: In Riverside, Blacks were living with a majority on the eastside, in San Bernardino a majority on the Westside, in Fontana a majority on the North side of Baseline and in Rialto on the bench area. That has changed with people living throughout the cities thus changing who and how one might get elected to political office.

After we get to know one another and make music together it will be time to get on the road again. Let us work together to improve our schools for the betterment of our children. Let us improve our neighborhoods with beautiful landscaping, increasing our property value. Let us become better informed about our local government before we need them. Let us create activities for our young people. Let us support our local businesses creating jobs in the community. Let us work together and make our communities a better place to live, so the need to move will be reduced.

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0 # Guest 2011-07-21 09:31
Very insightful information about the demographics of African-Americans in Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties. Yes we need to collaborate with our churches with local city redevelopment agencies, and boards and commissions to make redevelopment happen. The communities of color, in obtaining small business licenses, property to have a business, to boost the economy. We need to be educated about the monies available to us for programs and reinvested in our neighborhoods and make our communities viable.

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