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Tea Party and Conservative Republicans Want To Put African Americans in Slavery

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“Slavery had a disastrous impact on African American families, yet sadly a child born into slavery in 1860 was more likely to be raised by his mother and father in a two parent household than an African American baby born after the election of the USA’s first African American President.”

This statement was part of a “Marriage Vow” agreement signed by presidential candidates Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Senator Rick Santorum from a group called “The Family Leader” comprised of Conservative Republican Tea Party members in Iowa. The statement implies Blacks were better off under slavery where they were forbidden to marry or have a say over their children. They slept in slave quarters on dirt floors and had to cook and heat from open fireplaces. Their offspring were sold off at the will of the slave master, who sometimes was the father of the kids. Women like Bachmann stood by with no power to prevent the rape of Black women or selling of her husband’s children. Now they go around talking about a history they refuse to learn about deliberately want to change to suit their mission.

A White man asked me a similar question when I was working at Kaiser Steel in 1961 in the Electric Weld Pipe Mill. We were sitting in the shack where everyone took a coffee break, and out of the blue he said, “Brownie” (that is not my name and no one called me that). So I braced for his next words which were, “…wouldn’t you rather be a slave and not have to worry about anything.” I fired back, “how would you like to be my slave and I tell you when to get up go to work and go to sleep, take your wife, and there is nothing you can do about it?” Quickly realizing I was the only Black in the shack, I got up and walked out because everyone was stunned by the question and my quick response. To my surprise, the other White men in the shack hated the question and reported him to the plant superintendent. They transferred the man and told me to forget him because they did not feel that way.

People pushing this conservative agenda are touting our “founding fathers” who participated in legalized slavery in America have one thing on their mind and that is to make slavery legal again in America. You hear them say “we have to take back our country”. Take it back from whom? One African American gets elected president and appoints two non-White females to the U.S. Supreme Court and you want to take the country back. The last time I looked the majority of elected people in congress were White. The people running Wall Street that got all of the stimulus money were White. All of our governors are White but one. The major institutions in America are run by Whites. So who are they talking about taking it back from?

We have seen the cartoons and other derogatory things portraying President Obama and they reflect on all of us of color. We all heard a congressman call President Obama a liar while he was addressing them in the House of Representative. Obama has had more threats on his life than any other president, why? Now we have this group with the support of Bachmann and Santorum encouraging them on. Bachmann, a lawyer, has now come out and said, “slavery was horrible and economic enslavement is also horrible” and denounced the group. Lawyers know you read over any document before you sign it, so she knew what she was signing.

One of my friends at Kaiser Permanente, Ceasar Meriwether, told me the story of when he got promoted as payroll supervisor. This position had the authority and power to audit payroll and expense reports of managers. It was common knowledge that when management wanted to get someone the first place they looked was at expense reports. Ceasar had never been invited to go deep sea fishing with any of his peers before even though he had been in the department for a long time. So when he got the invitation, he told his wife before leaving home. “I don’t care what they tell you I did not fall out of the boat?” Meaning, it was not an accident if for some reason something happens to him and they said he fell out and drowned.

I am telling you today, I don’t care how much or many times they denounce something they said or signed, the bottomline is they want to see us in slavery again. But just like the man who asked me the question in the coffee shack at Kaiser Steel, he did not expect his fellow countrymen to come to my rescue. Bachmann and others in the Tea Party Conservative Section of the Republican Party did not expect the voters to ever elect an African-American especially one named Barack Obama. So they are out to take OUR country back and do what the founding fathers did make us less than human. What they are doing is not by accident but keeping the race card front and center on everything they do and hoping their fellow citizens will join them.

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