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John Longville for 2nd Ward City Council

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The City of San Bernardino is having a special election on July 12th to fill the 2nd Ward council seat vacated by Jason Dejardine who resigned several weeks ago. There are three citizens who have tossed their names into the race: John Longville, the only Democrat, Robert Jenkins, and Jerry Martin, both registered Republicans. The office being sought is non-partisan; however the Republicans have been encouraging members to enter local public office in preparation for higher office. The 2nd Ward has a heavy democratic registration. I must admit I do not know Martin or Jenkins but I have known Longville for many years back in the days when he was on the staff of the late Congressman George E. Brown. I have followed his career in public service as councilman, Mayor of Rialto, assembly member in Sacramento representing our Inland Empire area, and his current service as a community college trustee.

Now I have not always agreed with John on his take on some issues but that has never deterred this loyal Democrat from saying, “sorry Hardy, this is what I believe we need to do for the citizens I serve.” John has an outstanding career of public service to the people he has represented over the years and would do the same for the citizens of the 2nd Ward.

One thing that John will bring to the council is a wealth of knowledge and know-how to access the state and federal government from his years in Sacramento. A city the size of San Bernardino needs to broaden its outreach and influence with these representatives. We have suffered over the years from a council that operates with blinders on hindering their sight from others. When you listen to some members currently on the council, they resent or reject the services we could get from other agencies when the opportunity presents itself.

I asked John if he has the support of the police and firefighter associations in San Bernardino and he responded no. I said you must have not agreed with them wanting all the money while they live in other communities. I told John that is great because they cannot vote anyway but they are seeking a council member to carry their water; meaning someone who will allow them to carry over $30 million dollars from our city and contributing nothing back in the way of taxes. I know they are financing Martin or Jenkins campaign with the money we pay them in their six figure a year salaries. So the citizens of the 2nd Ward need to consider two things before they give Martin or Jenkins their vote and that is their political party affiliation and the mouthpiece of the police and firefighter associations. It has been reported that out of the top 100 highest paid people in the city 75 are police and firefighters.

Another thing Longville will bring to the council is an understanding of educating a workforce with the skills and requirements to meet business needs in the city. His service on the San Bernardino Community College Board will help facilitate any conversation between San Bernardino City Schools, Valley College and employers.

I recall Longville being excited about getting the state to produce information in braille so the blind could read the information for themselves. The 2nd Ward is in need of having someone on the council with such sensitivity. This ward has more powerchair riders per block than any other ward with the worse sidewalk access than any other. Just visit Waterman Avenue to Sierra Way between Baseline and Highland on any day of the week.

I see Longville as a problem solver with the ability to bring people and agencies together to help. I urge the people of the 2nd Ward to Elect John Longville as their council member to help the city move in a positive direction.

What do they have to complain about?

I’ve been listening to national commentators give survey and poll reports talking about how unhappy white citizens are with the way things are going in this country. Then I look at the unemployment rate and theirs is the lowest. I look at the profits made by businesses owned by them and they are setting profit records. I heard one report that over 600,000 Americans traveled to England to witness the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton. All you have to do is add up the airfare, new clothes, hotel costs, food and other related costs to see the money spent.

This they spent without even being invited to the wedding. If we, Blacks, had what they have, we would tell them to get a life.

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+1 # Guest 2011-06-13 10:06
Not part of any campaign. But it is true about the AFL-CIO endorsement. You can call them up and ask. I did (909) 825-7871. You cant argue the Labor is a major part of the dems base. You do have to wonder why a major Liberal Dem like Longville is not getting Labor.
+2 # Guest 2011-06-12 11:33
Comment number one was my comment and I haven't posted any others until this one. I, too, find the comments about Longville likened to a Republican as hilarious. Longville is a liberal. He has not been active in the 2nd ward as a neighborhood leader or anything else. He is running on past laurels. I am not part of a "political machine" and am really an ordinary citizen that wants a better 2nd ward. I believe that Robert Jenkins, who has worked along side me toward that goal, is the candidate to lead the 2nd ward. From personal knowledge I can say that Robert is a honest, genuine person that wants to make San Bernardino a better place.
Debbi Matley
-2 # Guest 2011-06-12 10:25
I am impressed by the campaign staff of Robert Jenkins (or maybe just one person with 5 emails?). You've done a fine job of posting here pretending to be ordinary citizens. I will not get into which if these 3 candidates is most worthy of votes for this seat, but I would like to make it clear that here in California, many of the rank and file members of the Police and Fire Department staffs are gun-toting, socially conservative Republicans who want the biggest salaries they can get with all the benefits, and don't want to pay taxes on any of it or they houses they live in. Please consider their endorsements, their words, and their actions very carefully. To call John Longville, one of the most liberal people in all of San Bernardino, at all like the GOP is laughable and an indication of the type of tricks and language the Jenkins campaign will throw around.
0 # Guest 2011-06-11 15:44
Just got in the mail today a postcard from the AFL-CIO San Bernardino stating they endorsed Robert Jenkins. The economy is tough, I am going to vote with my job protection and vote for Robert Jenkins. Its very sad that Longville has lost his way. Time for him to leave politics and spend time with the grandchildren.
+1 # Guest 2011-06-10 16:00
I laughed so hard when you said "the Republicans have been encouraging members to enter local public office in preparation for higher office. " John Longville has made it known that he is running for this council seat to RUN FOR HIGHER OFFICE! You just made the case why not to vote for Longville.
0 # Guest 2011-06-10 15:46
Very sad :( your choice is not in line with what many want. I m tired of the politics as usual and John Longville will be just another poltician playing games. I really want to see a new start for our city. I want a fresh face. I am excited that Robert is young. The next generation is now stepping up to lead and that is exciting. John Longville has had his time and its time for the next generation to lead. Robert is a community guy, John is Sacramento/Washingto n kind of guy. You know the problm is that we have too many guys like John in office.
0 # Guest 2011-06-10 14:40
Amen Shane!!!! I am going to start asking the members of our community who belong to Unions to start calling upon our city hall to stop the attacks on city employees! John Longville, Rikke VanJohnson, and our Mayor are like the GOP in Sacramento and Wisconsin! They all demean the hard working families. Mr. Hardy Brown, I am sorry you chose to endorse John Longville at the expense of hardworking families. I hope you soon remeber the Democratic principles. There is a reason city council in non party affiliated. I encourage all Democrats to not support John Longville. I have seen many supporting Jenkins, and I think I will have my family support him in the 2 ward.
-1 # Guest 2011-06-10 12:17
Being a lifelong Democrat like you, I am shocked that you’re attacking our Labor brethren. In my humble opinion, it must say something about John Longville that he no longer has the base of the Democratic Party on his side. Labor is a major base for Democrats! Please stop attacking the employees of our city! You attack one Labor member, you attack us all! I am also disappointed that you have not gone on record for all the good the firefighters association has done for the west side of the city. Go and tell the Westside Steppers how horrible the firefighters are! I agree with the other commentator that you should have had the decency to meet with each candidate. I will not support John Longville.
+1 # Guest 2011-06-10 11:22
I find an endoresement for a candidate without speaking to the other candidates disappointing.
As a 2nd ward resident and active community member I know all three of these candidates.
I am endorsing Robert Jenkins for the 2nd ward council seat. Robert is an active member of our community working though a local non-profit organization, the Neighborhood Cluster Association.
Robert is a special education teacher that works to empower students with the skills to lead a more independent life.
Please look at this website to see what Robert is all about before you make a decision to vote for a candidate based on political affiliation - [censored].voterober tjenkins.com!

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