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Dismantling Collective Bargaining will not Solve Budget Problem

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It appears that every since the Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin has grasped the spotlight on the national news network with his effort to dismantle collective bargaining contracts it is becoming a popular thing to do. That notion is being discussed at the University Of California Board Of Regents by David Crane a member, who should not be approved by the senate for permanent membership when his appointment comes before them.

Now while I believe that the pay structure and retirement benefits of public employees are a big financial drain on the public annual budget, the employees did not get there by themselves. It was egotistical elected officials who wanted the support of the employees and the money given to their campaigns helped them at election time. Having said that, we the voters are now trying to correct a problem we helped to create by believing everything these politicians and groups sold us. So the question or solution is how do we correct the problem without throwing the baby out with the bath water?

Let me digress by describing a situation that happened to me while I was still a teen. The church was having its annual trip to the beach and all of us were on the bus when a White farmer, came to us saying he needed some people to help him take in his tobacco. It was urgent to the farmer because if his tobacco was not harvested that day, it would burn up in the hot sun over the weekend. I asked the farmer how much he was paying and he replied the regular $8 a day. I countered for $10 a day and that I would also convince some of my friends to help. The farmer agreed with the ten but at about eleven o’clock during a water break he said to me that ten dollars seemed a bit high. In other words, he did not want to pay three Black boys that kind of money. So I said to my friends, George Dempsey and George Henry, let’s go because the farmer wants to go back on the agreement. The farmer said don’t go, I’ll pay the ten. I said you have to pay us half now and the other half when we are almost finished.

I shared that experience because I know what some “Big Boss Men” will do to people who do not have a voice or might be afraid of losing something they think they have. Now the public sector is different because the taxpayer paying the bill, does not want the servant to live better than them. In many cases, the employee is not paying taxes in the same jurisdiction that they are employed in. This is the current situation and the taxpayer is saying, “wait a minute I am not going to pay higher taxes for less service, inferior education for our kids, overcrowded public health care facilities and in some cases outright discrimination in employment and procurement opportunities when it comes to African Americans.”

In Wisconsin, the governor has excluded two groups of collective bargaining from his union busting legislation, police and fireman. These groups have an underrepresentation of women and African Americans employed in them from years of legal discrimination and grandfather clauses. His targeted groups are educators and other workers where women and minorities are concentrated. Now in California, the same conversation centers around the everyday workers and not the higher paying positions in our UC system. One thing I have noticed about some Republicans is they do the collective bargaining for those who have; and demonize the other workers. On the other hand, we have Democrats who want to give everything away without asking the question, “who is going to pay for it?”

Let me suggest that some concessions be made by the unions with no attempts by legislators to decertify any collective bargaining groups. Groups of employees have a right to ask for the moon while any responsible boss has the right and responsibility to say NO. Let me suggest to the legislators that you refrain from making campaign promises you can not pay for and to the voters, you need to be more engaged in the election process on Election Day. There is no law or God given right that you have to give employees a raise every year and in the government we do not have profit sharing capabilities.

I do not have the time or space to offer all of my thoughts on ways to attack the problem we have created, but the current strategy of the Republicans is not the answer; nor is the divide and conquer approach of the Democrats. Speaking for some in the Black community of which no one seems to be speaking for, none of the proposed solutions have our best interest at heart so we need to get engaged in the collective bargaining process with our unions and legislators.

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