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Budget Woes Should Not Have Disproportionate Impact on Blacks and Poor

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While I am an advocate for good and responsible government, I am a stronger advocate for those who have no voice or the means to defend themselves from those who control the policies we have to live under. By that I mean it is important to alert us of the impact our decisions have on people and the long-term impact it might have. I am referring to the proposed state budget offered to us with major cuts and araise in taxes.

I am in favor of cuts in the budget but the cuts will have a disproportionate impact on African Americans and the poor when it comes to programs under Medi-Cal, CalWorks, childcare, elderly care, students seeking to further their education at the community college level and at our universities.

Our seniors have already worked and paid for these programs and now through mismanagement, we want todeny them service and raise taxes as well. With young parents, we want them to work but make childcare services so expensive it will be impossible for them to do so. For our children we say go to college yet we raise the fees while providing no jobs for them to work andpay the extra fees. For those fortunate enough to enroll and graduate, in California they will have to leave if they are to find work. This applies to all who fall in these groups where African Americans are concentrated and will continue to suffer the most.

Then we have on the other side of the budget a proposed tax raise to pay for a continuation of what is wrong with good government. We have to take a serious look at where the money is spent and who is getting it. If the same people are going to get the new taxes that are already getting the old taxes then what incentive is there for me to vote for an extension of new taxes? What is the reason for African Americans in California to vote in favor to raise taxes? This is a major question for the Legislative Black Caucus members to ask their colleagues when the discussion starts in Sacramento. Will Black entrepreneurs get procurement opportunities and state contracts? Will our students get special programs in school to help close the achievement gap, reduce the dropout rate and improve the college going rate while preventing the prisons from sucking them in.

These are serious issues for all of us to discuss while seeking a solution to our budget woes.

Josie Gonzales the New Chair of Board of Supervisors

Congratulations to Josie Gonzales, Chairwoman of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors. I am confident she will serve with great dignity and fairness. Josie becomes the first Latina female to serve in this leadership position and the Black community is proud of this accomplishment.

Greater Control Needs to be Placed on Firearms

Words cannot express the horrible act of violence that took place in Tucson, Arizona last weekend. Everyone is looking for someone to blame other than the one who took it in his own hands to shoot, kill, and injure people.

To the families we send our prayers and offer words of condolences. To those in recovery from injuries, I want you to have faith because I know that sadness might be on you now but JOY is around the corner.

We as a society must reevaluate the way we treat and care for those with mental illnesses. We must make care more accessible to families and neighbors when confronted with a situation like this.

We have some people saying guns don’t kill, people do. While this is true, if some people did not have agun they would not kill. I am for the right to bear arms as a citizen but greater controls have to be put in place so automatic guns are not readily available to the general public. Our law enforcement community must step forward and speak out about how these weapons are destroying our freedom for life.

No elected official should be afraid to meet and greet citizens in public. Nor should an elected official yellin the halls of congress or yell to the president of the United States, “you are a liar”.

Let us all take this opportunity to call, write and meet with our elected officials to provide input on this topic and pray for America.

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