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Happy New Year 2011

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The year 2010 is coming to a close while 2011 is fast approaching. As is our custom of reflection and setting new goals I hope everyone did most of the things they wanted to do this past year. It is also my hope that the New Year will become another chance to reach your dreams and goals.

Whatever you do to celebrate in bringing in the New Year, I pray that you do it in a safe and sane way so you will be able to see your goals and dreams come true. If you must drink please do not drive. If you feel the need to shoot your gun, blow into a paper bag and burst it for the noise. If you have a house party keep the noise level down in respect of your neighbors.

2011 has a bleak outlook in our community as we will be facing double digit unemployment while our governments face staggering budget problems and corporations hold on to extra cash they got from the government. We must find ways to reduce the unemployment rate especially for African Americans.

The rich will become richer from the tax break extension of the Bush tax cuts for the next two years and the poor will grow poorer. This is the new law signed into law by President Obama. The way the congress worked out this law is the way union contracts are negotiated by company leaders. If you agree that unions would get a 10% raise then the negotiator would get no less. The president and staff plus most congressional members will benefit from this tax extension. If they cared about the federal budget deficit they would all donate the extra money to fix it or give it to non-profit organizations to help the poor?

Our educational system will remain stagnant in California while the Black students lag behind unless we in the Black community raise the issue of their suffering. We must tell our story to Jerry Brown the new governor and Tom Torlarkson, Superintendent of Public Instruction. We must seek their support and cooperation for policies that will address our children’s needs in the classroom and in the community. We cannot let them hide behind the issue of not having any money. Our children suffered when money was flowing like milk and honey.

We must also demand of these children’s parents to become engaged with their children’s education by making education a top priority in our home and community. We have to set the height of the educational bar while pointing the child in that direction. We must also learn that not every child learns the same way and at the same speed. We should not give up on one kid because too many are going to prison or being killed by gangs.

Our prison facilities are overcrowded and the current financial crisis usually sends more to prison. This is an issue we all have to address in one way or another. Maybe newly elected Attorney General Kamala Harris, will address some of these issues with better crime intervention and prevention policies during her administration.

I know she did not receive the endorsements or support from the law enforcement community but now that she is the “top cop” in the state maybe they will help her as our attorney general.

With the Republicans seeking to dismantle the new Health Care Insurance Law maybe some of the current provisions that some people do not like will be corrected for the betterment of all of us. I read and hear more doctors speaking out on how medical care cost is out of control and something must be done.

Yes, last year was some year and 2011 will be better if you try and do your part.

Have a Happy and Safe New Year celebration and may God bless you all year long.

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