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Just Because You Don't Believe It, Does Not Make It Not True Merry Christmas

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We have many people in our society that do not believe in Christ or that He ever existed. We have many who believe in Him but do not believe or celebrate Christmas. We have many who celebrate Christmas but not Christ. In America and around the world we have a mixture of beliefs in and celebration of this human being that walked the earth named Jesus Christ.

Have you ever experienced something in your life that you know happened to you and when you tell others you begin with... “you are not going to believe this but. Then you begin to share your experience with them. It really makes no difference whether they believe you or not because you know it is the truth because it happened to you or you were an eye witness.

A story is told of a young virgin girl named Mary, who was informed by an angel that she was going to be visited by the Holy Spirit and she will give birth to a child and his name would be Jesus. “You have found favor from God to receive this high honor. All of this will happen to you while remaining a virgin.”

By the way Mary the young man, Joseph, you are dating will marry you and act as his earthly father. I know this is a little strange way for God to do things but believe me because it true, as the angel reassures Mary. “Then after you conceive I want you to visit your cousin Elizabeth for confirmation of the baby you will carry because she is also with child who will bare witness of Him. Then when it is time for your delivery date you will return home and give birth in a livestock stable with animals to keep you warm, while the baby is laying in the manger.”

I know this is hard to believe because Mary did not want to believe it and certainly for Joseph it was even harder to digest. You know how men react when it comes to the words “I am pregnant or I am with child” and you are not married. It brings on one of those “What you talking about” moments. But this was the plan. Isaiah even wrote about the birth many hundred years before it happened.

So here we are thousands of years later celebrating this glorious birth whether you believe it or not. As a believer(s) in His entire existence and everything concerning Him, Christmas is that much more Joyous to me. The sharing of gifts represents the gift God gave to us. The gathering of close family is represented of Joseph and Mary together with close friends: the wise men. Christmas with its glowing lights represent the light of Jesus in our world and the carols represent the angels singing Joy to the World the night Jesus was born.

Yes I know some people have taken the celebration up a notch or two with all the drinking, buying gifts they cannot afford, and arguing with family members over things that do not matter, but it is still Christmas. We still have believers who attend worship service on Christmas morning. We still have families that come together in his name on Christmas day. We still have strangers giving to strangers during this time of year while others do it year round in Jesus name.

Yes while you might not believe it is about Jesus, I am here to tell you it is true. Have A Merry Christmas from me and the Black Voice News Family.

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Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year.

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